OBS and Mixer FTL

Well, this is going to be a bumpy ride. It seems that the official linux OBS build doesn't compile with FTL support on ArchLinux... Or really any linux aside from Ubuntu- of which, it will only do it if you click the install button on the debian package manager-- not if you build it yourself. Trouble is, I don't know how to take that kind of source code, download it onto a manjaro system and recompile/build/install it for myself, or if you even can.

Some steps to reproduce.
Install, or even compile OBS for yourself. This doesn't seem to change anything.
(With a mixer account capable of streaming handy) Go to sources, and switch to the service "Mixer.com - FTL". Server doesn't matter, and stream key, is, well, stream key.
Attempt to start the stream.

You should get thrown a GUI error which looks something like this, immediately.

Within the log files, this error shows itself.

08:26:10 AM.755: Output 'adv_stream': Tried to set a delay value on a non-encoded output
08:26:10 AM.755: Stream output type 'ftl_output' failed to start!

I went to go check the loaded modules, and ftl-services.so is not in that list... Did some digging in ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins and then again in /usr/share/obs/obs-plugins and wasn't able to find the file.

Supposedly this file is all that is needed- grab the file, drop it into the folder as a plugin, and it's off to the races, but that's not my main goal here-- it would be nicer if this could come with bone stock OBS Studio from the package manager GUI. (Of course-- so would being able to run streamlabs OBS but given that needs a ton of stuff from windows, i won't get my hopes high.)

I'm at a pretty massive roadblock, but have gotten someone to verify that the Ubuntu debian OBS package from the GUI there can and does come with FTL support ready to go, but also that on compiling it themselves from the official source, it doesn't work anymore. They are on similar, extremely similar hardware to me- same processor uarch, same GPU family, same chipset family, so on, so forth. I just don't happen to be running Ubuntu here, and therefore can't take advantage of the seemingly functional package on their side.


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Well, at this point I've come to the conclusion that it's not something an every day user is going to be able to answer. The package itself needs to be looked at as it builds incorrectly on this platform. I'm going to be honest, I don't necessarily want just anyone to try to give a response, so if this topic needs to be put elsewhere, I'll grab this topic and its contents and I will gladly take my problem elsewhere, and go waste an official's time for this project. Say the word.

I add that this issue is actively preventing all users on Manjaro from having Mixer FTL capability. This issue is out of the streaming platform's hands, and seems to fall directly onto whoever is responsible for the management of the packages, specifically obs-studio. This issue has now been open and unsolved for 10 days from my behalf, and nine months since the issue was actually posted on the OBS site, with which it was immediately shot down. No meaningful support was issued here.
Link: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/mixer-ftl-no-encoder.95837/.

As far back as ArchLinux itself, this issue was opened a little over two years ago on its own issues list, and was closed after no meaningful progress was made. https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/55441

Do I have to go out of my way and start that mess here, as I've seen it end a few times now, or do I get to contact the right people that can get this issue fixed?

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