OBS NVENC not working anymore

Hello there !
I have an issue with OBS and FFMPEG. NVENC won't work unless I downgrade my FFPMEG version.
I'm running the 440x drivers and the logs clearly states that NVENC is available.
Using the latest one, I always get the error below :
Logs available here.
Any idea of where this could be coming from ?

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thank you for finding the culprit on that. i'd noticed it several days ago but since that's something i only use once every few months i didn't think i was likely to track it down to a specific release.

Seems like this is due to Manjaro not having the latest Nvidia drivers available (450).
Will have to build it manually or via AUR.
Edit : Installing the nvidia-beta-dkms and nvidia-beta-utils packages from the AUR solved the issue.

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