OBS using wrong theme when set to default

Hello my friends,

I recently did a fresh install of Manjaro Gnome and customized it to my liking (it looks nothing like the default theming). It's really a minor problem but it is incredibly annoying since it ruins the entire theme of my desktop everytime I open up OBS, I don't know why but when setting the OBS theme to default it uses the dark Manjaro Adapta theme instead of the usual white OBS default theme. Reinstalling OBS doesn't work, I've also tried searching for the theme file location but I haven't found it yet..

sorry to bother you guys with this but it's too annoying to be ignored :confused:

OBS studio is not a GTK+ application, is written in Qt5 and C++ from what i know. You have to either change the Qt5 look trough Kvantum - use a different theme, or you change the default look of Qt applications to GTK2 by using the Qt5 Configuration Tool.


The "default" theme option, will make OBS use the system default for qt5 applocations. That is why it is a dark one in your case, because Manjaro Gnome uses Dark QT themes.


Ah okey, thanks I actually never had to use kvantum before good to know though! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks to @bogdancovaciu I managed to change the overall theme of OBS but even though I am selecting a bright QT theme OBS stays dark really weired..

EDIT: Okey, some themes work for OBS and some don't, I'll just try every theme and choose the closest to white that works

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