Octopi and yaourt show so many foreign (aur) packages installed

Octopi and yaourt show so many foreign (aur) packages installed that should be from manjaro repo

Today I want to install vmware player from vmware website, but failed to start, so I try install this from aur with octopi but I still couldn't get it working. And I see something strange with my installed packages, octopi shows alien icons on the left side of the package name that means from aur packages(even linux kernel). When I run yaourt -Syua, It says that there're 214 foreign packages. Manjaro Settings Manager (kernel) shows another strange about unsupported installed kernel...

Here are the pics



I thought something messed up with my listed packages.

How to get over from this problem? Thank you

Not sure what is going on there, but i would suggest to remove yaourt and install trizen and use that with Octopi for AUR packages.
Then refresh the mirrors, sync data, update, reboot, then do some cleanup if necessary...

Also, do you have some custom repos in pacman.conf ?
cat /etc/pacman.conf

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What's the output of pacman -Qm ? You can post it to e.g. https://hastebin.com/

Yeah, I want to do that but not sure.

Yeah, when I struggle installing vmware. I have added packaged from custom repo
This Pinned comment, Barthalion, and removed it with gui method [octopi -> tools -> repository edit].

This is the output from cat /etc/pacman.conf @bogdancovaciu

Here's the output from pacman -Qm @jonathon

Thank you

Somewhere along the line you broke your pacman.conf - it's missing the [core] repo.

Add the entry below above the [extra] repo entry.


You are missing the

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

from pacman.conf ... was this intentional or you edited it by mistake?


Okay, I will try it

Thanks @bogdancovaciu @jonathon. The problem is gone...

 extra is up to date
 core is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
 Foreign packages: | 8 / 8
No database errors have been found!

I didn't know how can I deleted core repo. Thanks @bogdancovaciu @jonathon :grin:


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