Octopi says "Icon path information incomplete" after selecting AUR helper and clicking OK

This issue only occurs in the latest version of Octopi which is 0.9.0-10 as shown in the screenshot below


After downloading and installing an AUR helper for Octopi for example yay and selecting it then clicking Ok to save changes, it gives an error that says "Icon path information is incomplete" as shown in the screenshot below. The green icon for enabling search for AUR package is only shown after clicking cancel and checking for updates.


Same issue was submitted by philm. Didn't manjaro team do octopi rebuilds to solve this bugs?

Please check for updates (trough terminal)


Check "use default notification icons" It's gonna be work :wink:


Huh. Interesting.
[and since june - gotta love octopi.. at least they finally updated their aur helper depends...]

Also make sure to fully update first :wink:

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It was selected by default

Already updated yesterday, and octopi was updated to version 0.9.0-11 which reverted back to only allowing any the three AUR helpers that are grayed out until user installs and chooses it. The Icon path information incomplete error is not present in this version. Octopi works well now.

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So .. the answer is updates fixed it?

I updated Manjaro KDE which updated Octopi to version 0.9.0-12 which allows one to install any AUR helper and choose it in a text box in the AUR tab of Octopi options. This version too also says "Icon path information incomplete" until I check "use default notification icons " (not enabled by default in new versions of Octopi that allow one to use any AUR helper in Octopi) as suggested by @pawlikx which fixes the issue. @pawlikx solution fixes this issue

Yeah same problem for me - New 18.04 install - installed Trizen - Set it up in Octopi - Settings - AUR - Symbol Path Error and after every AUR install or update from AUR, ocotpi froze after the package was succesfully installed - Force close gave me the message, that it could destroy my system - admin password required to close octopi - but i never had any problems except the force close error. (i encounter this bug at least since march)

With the "Use default notification icons" option, all problems are gone. weird bug, but at least we could also use a terminal to update AUR packages with trizen.

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