Ongoing work on the Wiki

I have been working on the wiki pretty heavily lately trying to achieve a few things

  • Update all the outdated content
  • Combine/merge duplicate information(It is hard enough keeping one version up-to-date)
  • Remove old links
  • Replace dead pages with redirects to updated information
  • Generalize overly specific articles

Thus far I have touched about 80% of the English wiki pages.

There are some articles I could use some help updating. If any one can assist it would be greatly appreciated.

These articles need update/cleanup:

Other than the minor articles referenced above and below I believe the rest of the English wiki is updated.

Lastly, I am trying to keep track of a list of important content that is missing from the wiki so this content can be prioritized once the update is complete

  • A guide to steam on Manjaro
  • A guide on configuring bootsplash

@dalto, good on you for giving the wiki some love & attention. It is often/usually a very lonely job.

Those 3 listed pages were all mine. My wiki style was to try to make it as easy for new user/anyone to understand what I was saying. So I can get into what might be considered too much detail/hand holding. That's OK. :slight_smile:

Do what you want with them (there will be no hard feelings or anything :slight_smile: ) I did communicate with someone here on the forum not too long ago who was still using the allservers script. So it was still working for them (without modification I believe), which surprised me.

These days (for quite some time now) most people wouldn't even know that the allservers script (or the script) exists unless fall over one of them in the wiki. They were easy to see it in the old forum, being up there at the top of the Tutorials page with a few other stickies.

Anyway, I'm not going to be using Manjaro again (unless it dumps systemd, & I consider that to be most unlikely), so I won't be updating the allservers script to suit.

I do make the odd edit to update my wiki pages from time to time (even though I'm not using Manjaro), but you won't see much coming from me to the wiki in the future.

Good luck with it. :slight_smile:


That is likely a coincidence because you contributed so many pages to the wiki. As I have been reviewing the history of the pages, it is amazing that such a large percentage of the content was written by so few people.

@dalto, not many people were interested in doing it. They think that it is hard to write (which is one of the reasons I made the wiki guide in your list) & it is really easy once you take a look & see, or that they won't write it well enough, or they have got better things to do...

I have the impression that you may have some company these days, which is nice. :slight_smile:

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I was going gung-ho on the wiki for a little. But recently I've been busy with other things (reddit page/matcha/etc) when I have spare time. Its on my list though, and I'll keep it in mind :slight_smile:

One thing I'd really like is updated screenshots in some places.

For the DE's and such it might be better to wait until we've decided on the successor to adapta.


I've noticed a few broken links e.g. in the conky wiki. As a newbie to Linux, I don't have much to contribute contentwise but I am tempted to clean up some grammar and spelling on the English pages I happen to notice. I hesitate only because this can seem a bit petty. So, if nobody would be offended, I could help in this regard.
I also have thought about adding a section to the aliases in bashrc section; it would explain how to use simple functions instead of aliases when arguments are needed.

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The conky wiki needs major modifications, it is on the list above that I need help with.

It is a good idea, we might want to rename the page at that point though.

Given how heavily I am modifying the wiki right now, they would be much more likely to be offended by me. :smile:

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If you don't have Wiki account :point_right: Wiki Account Request. :slight_smile:

We need all the hands we can get and there will always be "someone" better than us all. That shouldn't stop you from contributing. :slight_smile:


I put in a request but haven't heard back yet. I'd like to give something back I've been lurking quite awhile :slight_smile: ; and having fun getting up to speed on Linux.



At this point I have gone through the entire English Wiki and either updated the pages or identified them as needing updating in the first post.

Here is what I have done so far:

  • Updated many pages to bring them current with the current state of Manjaro/Linux
  • Merged a lot of duplicate, overlapping or similar content(With appropriate redirects)
  • Archived content that was no longer relevant, was primarily embedded scripts or not about Linux
  • Added new content as I came across it

There are a few very specific pages I could use some advice on as I am not sure if they are still relevant or not:

If anyone has awareness and let me know if they need to be updated or archived I would appreciate it.

Lastly, I have identified a list of articles that I think others could update a lot better than I could. If anyone has time to help it would appreciated. If you don't have access to the wiki feel free to copy them into a document, update it and send it to me.


Just what I was going to ask you :slight_smile:. I've got it down in my mind... just need to write it up. Been a little distracted installing Manjaro on my desktop (all went well but need to update now).
Think I'll do a "customizing the prompt" section too...good way to help people learn some more bash and a fun time waster :wink: ...sure there's stuff our there about this but some is outdated or not relevant...and it's scattered.

I've seen a marked improvement on the wiki pages I've deserve a cookie and a gold star!

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I'm just a scrub still learning linux but when I have time I can go over some of the text and correct typos.
I've already seen a few.
I'll click the invite request link up in the thread.
I'd be happy to contribute.

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I can confirm that this problem still exists. I'm not sure about the suggested solutions - for me (as a one-off or occasional occurence) it is easier just to:

Open pavucontrol (Pulse Audio Volume Control) and reset the options on the 'output devices' and 'configuration' tabs.

However I guess that another approach would be wanted if muting was used frequently (rather than just reducing the volume to zero) ...

The link you give above to the Western Digital Green etc. page is not working since the forum 'interprets' it. Try this (hint \)

Can't comment on the content.

Seems like this would be better as a specific example on a more general page covering how to add boot-parameters to the grub file. (Another - prior - part of that page would be instructions for editing the parameters on the fly at the grub boot menu.)

But generally :clap: :grinning:

Section of grub params, referenced by particular pages, isnt a terrible idea.
I wonder if it could be better ...

anyways thanks @dalto !

I still use the GRUB font info' on another distro. It was still relevant not that long ago.

The WD drive thing is likely still relevant for anyone using that/those models of HDD. Though I expect that anyone who does use those drives & hasn't seen that information will happily continue on oblivious...

So do with it as you like I reckon. When in doubt, flip a coin. :slight_smile:

Minor errata: the command given at is missing a 'sudo' in front of the pacman (after the &&).

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Well, that isnt our wiki.
That is '' (possibly mirroring an old version of the wiki?)

That whole website looks like ads/badinfo/trash/trouble.

Its like one of those many 'we just repost from askubuntu' sites that someone actually took the time to skin and scraped from dozens of locations (a few years ago).
I would avoid it in general - and in this case, their 3 year old 'manjaro wiki'.

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Here is what the page actually look s like:

Oops.Will pay more attention next time

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