Ongoing work on the Wiki redirect to
So I'm not sure it's still maintained.

And their wiki point to the man:

Settings are used to configure the way Conky looks and behaves. See man -P "less -p 'CONFIGURATION SETTINGS'" conky for a complete list of Conky settings. You can read manual in your browser too: man -H conky.

Variables are used to make Conky display information. See man -P "less -p 'OBJECTS/VARIABLES'" conky for a complete list of Conky variables. You can read manual in your browser too: man -H conky.

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I didn't mean to criticize your work.

Ah, now I understand, thanks.

Nice! Thanks for taking a look at this.

I updated the page to bring it in-line with the formatting for current wiki articles and removed all the dead or outdated links.

Can you take a look at it and make sure I didn't break anything?

Wrong app name in the Pamac description. The entry reads..

Yay must be used in the terminal and is itself...

Should be pamac. :slight_smile:

Pacman section - or is mispelled ort in the line:

This can be enabled by uncommenting ort adding the...

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Thanks. Fixed!

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I am sorry I do not understand the solution well enough to update the KDE File Chooser section of the FF Wiki article myself.

Does that have any side effects with other Mozilla applications?


Under Changing to another branch :

Tip: Why not become and active part of the Manjaro community by becoming a tester? Just let us know of any bugs by reporting them via our feedback form .

Link to feedback form is dead.

GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 causes thunderbird to crash

I dont know about that - some users reported it but then stopped reported ... I was never able to reproduce .. and just now doing it the most basic way (GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 thunderbird) works fine.

erm .. actually .. I guess it depends on how you read this final response :

Just installed thunderbird to check, It started (although it used the gtk file chooser) which was weird since the bug report says that 68 (newer than repo, and the next release) is still affected, I decided to add my account, closed thunderbird, try to open it again and it seg faulted.

Ah. I noticed TB was finnicky about certain things too .. but if following the guide from the wiki correctly I could not reproduce.
(for example, not putting /usr/bin/sh -c before the quoted "GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird ..." caused the desktop file to be unlaunchable)

EDIT - I do notice period at the end of the cp line now. Though it shouldnt matter.

But I think you are right - it appears TB still uses GTK regardless.
And I think FF is too, for that matter ... :thinking:

No luck here, still seg faults even with
Exec=/usr/bin/sh -c "GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird %u"
(tried both from a terminal or as per the wiki, a desktop file in .local/share/applications)
I have no problem with FF, it uses the kde file chooser.

Alright. I cant reproduce the segfaults ... but the desktop.file with modified lines:

Exec=/usr/bin/sh -c "GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 /usr/lib/firefox/firefox %u"
Exec=/usr/bin/sh -c "GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 /usr/lib/firefox/firefox --new-window %u"
Exec=/usr/bin/sh -c "GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 /usr/lib/firefox/firefox --private-window %u"

works fine for having native file picker in KDE for me.
But only on FF. TB is stubborn it seems.

In Downgrading packages someone got a little backtick happy. :wink:

wish to downgrade is this directory then use ```pacman -U``` to....

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Fixed, that is what happens when you use ` instead of ' :wink:

Thanks for noticing it


Fixed, thanks for pointing it out

SB apparently has nothing better to do :wink: :smiley:

I try to contribute where I can. Never got the wiki account so I have to keep pestering all of you.

This might be a nit-pick but in the section about adding the DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 to environment variables...
A suggestion would be to include a link to an explanation of what that is and how to do it (which is outside the scope of that wiki entry).
I know, it might seem like, if a person is downgrading a package they should know this, correct?

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notable for using the Lua lagnuage


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