Only boot on dual screen

Hello all,
After a few month on Ubuntu I decided to do an upgrade and getting start with Manjaro.
When I installed it (DeepIn edition) I had my portable screen and one other external screen connected to my pc. All goes well.

Therefore, I got a problem a few days ago I want to boot with no external screen and Manjaro didn't boot. He juste frooze after the login screen.

If I go to tty, when I come back to gui Manjaro also freeze.

I already tried to put the settings at "screen of portable only" but it doesn't change anything, Manjaro still freeze with only one screen.

Do you have any idea to resolve this problem ?

Thank you very much !

You upgrade Ubuntu to Manjaro ? Hope not, but fresh install ...
If one of those external screens was the Primary screen, and you included that in the nvidia.conf (i see you mentioned in user description the GeForce GTX 1060 model), then that might be the issue, hence the settings added from Display Options will not work properly.
Are you sure your Laptop doesn't have a dual GPU and somehow you disabled the Intel one ?
Consider to follow this tutorial:

The box said: Install Windows 7 or better, so I installed Linux.

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Of course I made a fresh install, by saying "upgrade" I wanted to say " to go in a "deepest" linux".
You're right, my laptop have a dual gpu with an Intel HD graphics 530 I forgot to mention it on my user description. I'm at school for the moment but I'll check this evening for the nvidia.conf.

Thank you for your answer!

And is always cool if someone notices a bit of "dark" sense of humor :smiley:
Yes, that tutorial i mentioned will help :wink:

@bogdancovaciu : And is always cool if someone notices a bit of “dark” sense of humor :smiley:

You're right :wink:

I don't know if Prime is the solution : one reason I want to get off of Ubuntu was, when I was on Ubuntu after a moment my laptop got warm (like an anormal warm, he never reach this temperature when I use Windows) and up till now Manjaro doesn't seem to have this problem.

( By the way, sory for my bad English, it's not my native tongue)

Only for a few here on the forum it is, so don't be shamed. You're doing just fine.

If you want the iGPU as default you have to use bumblebee or nouveau ... Something as described here:

So I've just get home. Where can I find the nvidia.conf file?

By default is in /etc/X11/mhwd.d but ... for bumblebee/prime stuff is different ... better follow one fo the tutorials i mentioned, without manual editing.

I don't find any file in /etc/X11/mhwd
By the way Bumblebee looks hard to configure I'll may better do that after my exams. :zipper_mouth_face:

The strange thing is : when I unplug my external screen, Manjaro juste fit into my portable screen and only this one and all works well! Meanwhile the boot is freezing..

So here are somes news :
I tried to reinstall Manjaro (DeepIn and XFCE) but the problem still occurs...
Therefore, I didn't plug my external screen while doing the installation and all goes well on only one screen but when I restart...
I read that if a log in tty and disable my HDMI port it coul solve my problem, do you know how I can do that ?

Thank you..

Most laptops have a "Fn+F5" or "Fn+F8" keyboard combination to activate/deactivate external displays, whatever is VGA/HDMi ... Try that ...

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