Open file in specific format with Okular


is it possible to force Okular to open a file in a specific format. I'd like to preview .org files as Markdown.


Unless I'm missing something, that doesn't appear possible, from the looks of it. :thinking:

[12:28:17][aragorn] >  okular --help-all
Usage: okular [options] urls
Okular, a universal document viewer

  -h, --help                           Displays help on commandline options.
  --help-all                           Displays help including Qt specific
  -v, --version                        Displays version information.
  --author                             Show author information.
  --license                            Show license information.
  --desktopfile <file name>            The base file name of the desktop entry
                                       for this application.
  -p, --page <number>                  Page of the document to be shown
  --presentation                       Start the document in presentation mode
  --print                              Start with print dialog
  --print-and-exit                     Start with print dialog and exit after
  --unique                             "Unique instance" control
  --noraise                            Not raise window
  --find <string>                      Find a string on the text
  --qmljsdebugger <value>              Activates the QML/JS debugger with a
                                       specified port. The value must be of
                                       format port:1234[,block]. "block" makes
                                       the application wait for a connection.
  --platform <platformName[:options]>  QPA plugin. See QGuiApplication
                                       documentation for available options for
                                       each plugin.
  --platformpluginpath <path>          Path to the platform plugins.
  --platformtheme <theme>              Platform theme.
  --plugin <plugin>                    Additional plugins to load, can be
                                       specified multiple times.
  --qwindowgeometry <geometry>         Window geometry for the main window,
                                       using the X11-syntax, like 100x100+50+50.
  --qwindowicon <icon>                 Default window icon.
  --qwindowtitle <title>               Title of the first window.
  --reverse                            Sets the application's layout direction
                                       to Qt::RightToLeft (debugging helper).
  --session <session>                  Restores the application from an earlier
  --display <display>                  Display name, overrides $DISPLAY.
  --name <name>                        Instance name according to ICCCM
  --nograb                             Disable mouse grabbing (useful in
  --dograb                             Force mouse grabbing (even when running
                                       in a debugger).
  --visual <id>                        ID of the X11 Visual to use.
  --geometry <geometry>                Alias for --windowgeometry.
  --icon <icon>                        Alias for --windowicon.
  --title <title>                      Alias for --windowtitle.

  urls                                 Documents to open. Specify '-' to read
                                       from stdin.

that's too bad. Thanks anyway!

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