Open-Source Game Development: A Tech Demo Parody of an Old Computer Game I Developed

Hello all,

One of the projects I'm working on right now in my free time is a Free and Open Source cross-platform tech demo parody of a Commodore Vic-20 mini-game of the game Kindercomp, called Names in Lights. This tech demo is part of a larger Free and Open Source game parody project run.

I've decided to call the tech demo, appropriately, The Children's Text Game for Immature Adults. You can see the GitHub project in the attached link.

(CLARIFICATION EDIT) : This open-source demo is being published for Desktop Platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (Android, iOS), and eventually a demo for the demo to be run on the web. That's why this post has been tagged with desktop, android, and web.

There's two main reasons why this game is so ridiculous, if you've played it.

The first reason is that the original was pretty ridiculous in its own right. The second, and this is where the parody bit comes in: we all know these kinds of games/toys where you inserted your own words or phrases into them were exploited with words. You know which ones I'm talking about.

This parody is for the adults who were the kids who did the exploiting of those games/toys, but want to see something like those for a more grown up audience. See this let's player cover the original game towards the end of this video to see what I mean by that nonsense, if you're still unsure.

That being said, this demo is in alpha/beta and I need feedback last week on where I should proceed with it. So far all I've gotten are more scenes, like the original, from two users. That does help, but I need more than that.

For example, let's say I was to add custom panels/noises for scenes, like a maker-esque experience. What panels or noises would you recommend?

Any feedback not related to the game design progression is appreciated as well!


Edit: Just recently discovered the Showcase tag. I moved my post there.

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