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As some previous discussion on this forum pointed out, the Manjaro Wiki has been closed to new contributors for some years now, in response to a vandalism event (long time ago, maybe 4 years?).
New contributors must ask for a wiki account to an admin using this forum or some official Manjaro address.
This is a strong limit for new contributions and the result is a partially outdated wiki.

In this topic on Github a user suggests to open at least "discussion pages" for new users on the Manjaro Wiki, this is a great tool for a new contributor to warn active maintainers about problems in a single wiki page.

What do you think about this solution?
Is it possible to accomplish this with the MediaWiki software?

Is that really a strong limiter?

I mean, how long does it take to send a message requesting access? 2 minutes?


I put links at the bottom of every page I wrote in the Support section, that links to a page here in this forums Tutorials section. Asking for anyone to post about any errors or the need for update.

This has been very rarely used over a period of >5 years. In fact in relatively recent times, someone has gone through & put notifications on some of my wiki pages stating that they are in need of update.

They didn't use the contact link in the Support section of the wiki page, nor did they contact me in any way. I only discovered that these notifications had been placed on the pages by accident, when I went there myself to refer to the page.

That pissed me off.

I haven't fixed any of the pages due to this.

What I have done, is made my own wiki (more than just a Manjaro wiki), on one of my own machines, for my own personal perusal. I'll turn that into a personal bootable MX17 emergency repair disk sometime in the future.

Back on topic:

If someone truly has the enthusiasm & the "content" to participate in the wiki, they ask the question, "how do I make an account?" & then (to the best of my knowledge) they get told to PM Rob or philm. (I still don't know whether Rob is still working for Manjaro behind the scenes?)

The information re. creating a wiki account should be made clearly available somewhere. Probably in more than one place, one of those places should be right up near the top of the wiki's main index page.

Is not a problem to ask permission if you are an active forum member, but if someone who does not use Manjaro and just randomly notice an outdated or wrong information, he is not going to create a forum account in order to create a wiki account in order to modify the wiki page or open a discussion topic.

@handy I remember to have modified a page by you (maybe added information about graphical installer in UEFI guide, I don't remember) but I hadn't notice the contact info. On a wiki there is a "watch" function and I check sometimes if anyone has edited pages that I've created.
My fault, but I'm not used to wiki administration and I'm often "absent-minded" (this word is a strange translation by GTranslate, in Italian it seems less offensive :laughing:).

Unknown people really aren't welcome to edit the wiki. We really want to have seen a person post in the forum some before they are trusted with editing the wiki.

In the past, the wiki was badly trashed, more than once. Nobody wants to see that happen again.

Discussion pages are not the same as main pages, spam in discussion pages is not visible to wiki "passive" users.
Most wiki sites allow modifications from unknown users, sometimes also without registration, I do not think this is so bad.

Do you think that it couls be so heavily "spammed" to crash down Manjaro servers?

The Manjaro wiki in the past was trashed, to the point that it had to go off line. A good deal of the content was messed up & there was a whole lot of pornographic images spread throughout the wiki.

So, no, I really can't imagine that the Manjaro powers that be are going to open up our wiki for any unknown person to come along & do whatever they want to do to the content.

It is too time consuming for already very busy people to have to restore backups of the wiki.

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I agree with you as wiki in the past were also trashed on other Linux OS sites.

I think he is talking about just the discussion pages, not the actual wiki content.

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You may be right. :slight_smile:

Personally I never look at the discussion pages. I've always used the forum for feedback on what becomes a tutorial; on a tutorial; or on a wiki page that goes directly to the wiki.

Either way, I'm currently at least, really not particularly interested in adding any more content to the Manjaro wiki. I may update pages in the future...

I don't like using systemd, so (even though I had a little taste recently) I'm not using Manjaro anymore.

Exactly, this way an external user can "ping" for wiki editors attention, without compromising the main page content.
I am waiting comments about that from other active Manjaro Wiki contributors and administrators.

I really don't think that the Manjaro wiki has enough people in any area that love it & care about it that much.

Carl put a lot of work in, in the early days. Then I was invited to do the same, & over the years have put a lot of pages & edits in.

Beyond that, there have been some others that come & go. The wiki seems to have had some new input over the last ~months, which is nice.

Anyway, good luck to Manjaro & its wiki. I'd really like to see a dedicated team take to making the Manjaro wiki what it could be. Though from past experience, I doubt that it will ever happen.

Everyone is in too much of a rush these days, they mostly just want to ask their question & get it answered in a forum. Particularly those new to Linux. The intermediate users are more likely to do some research, & in the case of Manjaro, that generally sends them straight over to the ArchWiki anyhow.

Unless it has to do with MHWD, or one of the few other Manjaro specific topics.

I wonder how great the responsibility of social media re. "the don't research, just ask your question" mentality is?

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