Openbox 20.0 via Architect boots into tty

I was trying to install Openbox 20.0 via architect, but looks like ever since the Openbox rebuild, something happened to the architect openbox profile. Whenever I try to boot into my installation, it boots me directly into tty.

Installing Openbox via the ISO files works fine, but I prefer architect since I customize my installation.


@linux-aarhus do you by any chance know if there is an error in the Openbox profile causing it to not automatically boot up the display manager?

Edit: I should note that this is installed on Virtualbox.

I will check the profile - it could be the profile.conf - if I forgot to set lxdm as display manager.

If you have installed and you can login then execute

sudo systemctl enable --now lxdm -f

This worked perfectly, thank you!

I just checked - it is not the profile - so I am blank - but will check later - with an Architect install.

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Any idea what causes this? I did the same thing, Openbox install via Architect, and had the same thing happen, goes into tty.

Rebooted with the livemedia, found this answer, did the sudo systemctl command, and it worked...

Lirleni / Vik-Thor

I used Architect to install Openbox yesterday.

Architect do not enable lxdm display manager.

I also found the same issue for NetworkManager - which also must be enabled by hand.

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