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This is the first time I'm using Manjaro Openbox. Loving it so far except one annoying thing. And it is due to my unfamiliarity with openbox in general. I want to load a different conky because the present one is made for 1080p monitor. I want to load a particular 2 core conky. How do I do that? I tried putting the conkyrc in home (after changing the name to .conkyrc) but it keeps saying syntax error. Also is there a way to choose/preview conky like in MX Linux conky manager? If not, how do I manually select the conky I want?

You can manually select the config you want to be loaded with the -c parameter.
conky -c ~/conky.config
Hope that helps.

Yes figured out conky. Although, trying to edit the existing conkies to suit my need will take more time. Till then, using my own simpler conky.

You should be able to use conky manager still. It's not just an MXLinux program, you can install it just the same from pamac/pacman.

Found manjaro-conkyzen which is similar.

I have no idea. I can't say I've tried that one. But I have used conky manager in the past on Manjaro though.

Everything Openbox related is loaded in ~/.config/openbox/autostart

To load multiple conkies I have borrowed a script from Archlabs - maybe they borrowed from Bunsenlabs.

In Manjaro - the script is the manjaro-conky-session script.

You don't need to bother with that only know that it loads conkies based on the content of ~/.config/conky/conky-sessionfile

This file is maintained by the manjaro-conkyzen script.

Locate the conky you want to load

ls .config/conky

Then edit ~/.config/conky/conky-sessionfile

Replace the conky file with your desired conky save and run


Thanks for the explanation aarhus. I'm liking Openbox more and more.

I also wanted to thank you for an almost perfectly configured Openbox Edition. Cheers Mate!!! :smiley:

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Thank you.

Remember to explore the Preferences, Keybinds and Help and Info items in the desktop menu.

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Yes haven't quite gotten used to the keybindings yet.

So far I've been a Plasma fan, exploring leaner DEs. Will try LXQt after this. :smiley: Also uses Openbox as WM if I'm not mistaken.

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