Openbox hangs on suspend

I am using Openbox and after 10 minutes of idle time, the machine enters sleep/suspend mode and hangs. I can press CTRL+ALT+F2 to reboot. I have a laptop connected to an external monitor via HDMI cable. What can I do to solve this problem?

There are several solutions to this, but if nothing works try this. Log into the LXDE desktop environment. In the main menu go to Preferences/Power Manager, click the Display tab, then activate the Display Power Management option. Set everything to Never.

Probably you will have seen the 10min setting on Blank after|Plugged in, which generated the problem. I haven't tested each option individually to see if my machine would hang again, I've just put never in all six modalities.

In Brightness Reduction, you can leave settings unmodified.

if you want to show people how to solve common problems, the thing to do is NOT to make a post and then answer yourself. it is to make a tutorial.

The Openbox edition comes with xfce-power-manager and is mostly unconfigured.

I can't remember the actual settings with LXDE and LXQt.

But as tlp is installed - if may be worth checking those settings.

If it is not already there you can install tlpui package.

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