Openbox polybar skippy-xd

skippy-xd is at times freezing polybar in Openbox. Only way I can fix it is if I logout and then log back in.

How do I fix this behavoiur?

:man_shrugging: - I have no idea - I have never experienced freeze.

Could be graphic driver related - hard to say.

By freeze I meant the polybar is unresponsive but openbox itself is working. I can right click on desktop and launch applications which themselves work fine also. Only polybar doesn't respond.

I don't know - are you clicking the shortcut on polybar or using Supers?

I can't reproduce it - not on purpose - so you have to tell me exactly how to reproduce it - I not the developer of the app - I just use it - I like the feature.

Haven't faced the problem today. It happened last night after working wonderfully for about 2 hours and and it happened twice. I will keep you posted about any reoccurrence. Thanks for the reply.

Problem happened when I clicked the shortcut on the polybar.

You can try use skippy without using daemon.
Remove --activate-window-picker from skippy in window_switch.conf modul

click-left = skippy-xd
click-right = skippy-xd

maybe it's another bug related to skippy daemon

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