OpenVPN connects, but no internet


I just moved into a new room and am experiencing issues with OpenVPN. Previously, I could use the command sudo openvpn <path to config file> to initialise a VPN connection. Now, while the VPN does connect (Initialization Sequence Completed), I can't connect to the internet, with pages loading indefinitely in Firefox.

How would I go about resolving this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Does it work without VPN?

If yes then verify your VPN dns settings.

Yes, I have a working internet connection when not connected to my VPN.

How would I go about verifying my VPN DNS settings?

well - you could install the package bind-tools and when connected through vpn try do a dns-lookup on a known name. You can choose what you like - but,,, are good candidates.


If it return an ip address your dns is working.

If it does not - your must check with your VPN provider.

Yes, check your DNS settings.
Especially check /etc/resolv.conf (don't necessarily post it here), with and without VPN started.

Also, it might be a better idea to start vpn either via NetworkManager, or if you don't use NM, systemctl start openvpn-client@name_of_vpn.service.

dig results in a time-out

/etc/resolv.conf is the same, regardless of whether the VPN is active.

NM quits on me when I try to add an OpenVPN connection/try to import the configuration file. systemctl spits an error with reading the config file (I converted the .ovpn file to a .conf file by changing its name)

resolv.conf doesn't change "automatically".
Read this:

Which error?

Shouldn't happen. Which version?
If you don't use NM, what else do you use for your networking?


I have found a workaround. I installed the official AUR client of my VPN provider (AirVPN). It works.

I use AirVPN too, but don't need any client.
Their generated configs work just fine both in NM and in OpenVPN.

Anyway, if it works, it's good.

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