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Hi all!

I've followed this awesome tutorial: Guide: Install and configure optimus-manager for hybrid GPU setups (Intel/NVIDIA)

Everything works, but I misunderstand one thing, and I have an issue (?) with another thing (And I can't reply to the tutorial) :


Manjaro by default installs bumblebee with hybrid GPUs and I assume you already switched to non-free drivers. [...]

Do I have to install video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-XXXxxx-bumblebee or I can install video-nvidia-XXXxxx ? Both are a non-free drivers.


optimus-manager-qt works well, but when I change a setting in optimus tab, the conf file is not updated, is it a normal behavior?

Thank you in advance for your reply

video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-XXXxxx-bumblebee is not a driver per se but a script setting (mhwd) that will install intel, nvidia non-free drivers + bumblebee. video-nvidia-XXXxxx is a script to set only nvidia non-free drivers (so you won't be ever using intel drivers).

It is discouraged to install drive packages manually (nvidia-430xx-utils is such a package) because they are not configured and most likely your system won't be able to boot into X session afterward. This is a legacy from Arch which ships vanilla, not preconfigured packages. To counteract that, Manjaro team created mhwd script that detects the hardware and installs one of the few available scenarios and the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-XXXxxx-bumblebeeis such a scenario. You can be sure that it will install everything that is needed plus configures it so it would work together. In practice bumblebee often creates problems for many.

Anyway, mhwd is launched with Manjaro install so you with hybrid GPU you had already installed either video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-XXXxxx-bumblebee if you chose non-free drivers or video-linux/video-vesa (probably, never used those so I'm not sure exactly what is the free version). My guide assumes you have already non-free drivers setup and you start with that. If not, go to manjaro wiki, mhwd, configure GPU and install non-free drivers.

Since it works for you, I wouldn't change anything at this point, unless you detect that something is wrong.

As to optimus-manager-qt not saving settings, it had that issue and in git version, this is already fixed (some different daemon is used to save the settings). It's possible that the version in repo still has that bug. In that case switch to git version for now.

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I wasn't sure about this non free drivers and your clear answer helped me a lot to understand!

I'll try the git version then.

Thank you for clarifying this!

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