Optimus Manager

No, all graphic confs we were suppose to disable (remove or back up) stay that way and aside showing optimus-manager conf:


nothing changed by me. xorg.conf should be disabled.

I have solved problem with gnome. Git page says its solved with gdm but its not working with gdm :confused:

Just report the issue. Optimus-manager won't improve if we won't report problems.

Now gonna wait...

*** I Solved the switching to nvidia driver my modeset=no but I cant switch back :confused:

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Its not works well in gnome for now but I have forked nvidia-prime script for optimus-manager :smiley:

When gnome issue solved I can share it !

**When nvidia on its like this, when intel on intel logo coming. And you can switch gpu with this. Very easy script for now :stuck_out_tongue: **


Hi bros,

this is a nice workaround for hybrid GPU laptops.

Can anybody that has been trying this stuff answer this question:
Does dual monitor work with this method ?

Yes, at least on my particular laptop.

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Mine work too.

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