Optimus-Switch Indicator widget for KDE

Since I released my Optimus-Switch Indicator extension for Gnome, I have been working on a similar thing for KDE. I finally found a way to port my work from Gnome over to KDE by using the Kargos widget. This widget allows me to use the same files that I created for the Argos extension on Gnome.

I have managed to get the UI working properly, but since I run KDE in a VM, I am unable to test the functionality. Any help with testing this on bare metal would be greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, I am still working on a more native solution for KDE. It may take me a little bit because I am teaching myself as I go, but I hope to get there soon.

Thank you all for your time and help with this project. I truly do appreciate it.


I do not have an optimus rig or I would test this out. Keep up the great work. KDE users everywhere thank you.

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I will no longer be keeping this project up to date. I have done a more "universal" GUI that works on all DE's that Manjaro offers. It can be found here:


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