Out-of-memory with lightdm-1:1.28.0-1.1 and webkit greeter

My system went into some type of boot loop, a flashing black/dark grey screen. While the error message just flashed, it indicated an out of memory error and systemd stopped the lightdm service.
Lightdm had just been updated to lightdm-1:1.28.0-1.1. Reverting back to lightdm-1:1.28.0-1 fixed the boot problem.

I am running linux4.20.7-1 and systemd 239

I have the same problem and fix on a second pc. That pc is running linux4.19. Both pc's have AMD graphics.

This fix worked for me too but I have nvidia gtx960.

By any chance are you using the webkit greeter for lightdm? Because I think compatibility with that is the issue.

I solved it by downgrading lightdm to the version before update. Could be because I am using the webkit greeter for lightdm and maybe there is some compatibility issue. Other than that Great update! Thank you for your hard work sir! :slight_smile:

The only difference is a single line in the lightdm.service file:

This line helped stability with the standard GTK greeter.

Can you confirm whether the issue is resolved by editing the service file to comment out the LimitMEMLOCK line?

It may end up being a bug in the Webkit greeter...

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Both computers are using the Webkit greeter.

Commenting out LimitMEMLOCK fixes the problem for both.

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I've removed -1.1 from the stable repos so you won't need to downgrade or ignore it.

I'd still like to find out why this breaks the Webkit greeter but not the GTK greeter...

I can confirm that there are no problems when the GTK greeter is used and LimitMEMLOCK=infinity is enabled.

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