Outdated mirrors

Hi community,

it seems a lot of our mirrors are nowadays outdated. Would be nice if one of our team members write some of them. Maybe there is a known problem we don't know of ...

I contacted dacentec.com and created Ticket #535524.
xservers.ro and bjtu.edu.cn I contacted also.

Hello Philip,

Thank you for your message. Problem was solved, the manjaro mirror is now syncing.


Departamentul Tehnic xServers

Seems were able to reduce some of those:

However we still have some and some new ones occurred ...

Those with the status unknown, either our Server can't check, or they are really offline. We might need to check them. If possible we might write to the mirror owners, to check from their end, what the issue might be.

Question is only, who has a little time to do that?

Currently we only face issues with mirror.edatel.net.co/manjaro and mirror.netzspielplatz.de/manjaro/packages ...

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Where are their contact details?

Could repo.manjaro.org be extended to ignore out-of-date mirrors when pacman-mirrors requests a mirror list?

I am speculating on can possibly improve pacman-mirrors - but I need some input.

Pacman-mirrors has the same info as the repo status page. On every run that status is downloaded and put to use. That is pacman-mirrors knows exactly which mirrors are up-to-date at the given point in time and which are not.

So how about only giving the user mirrors which is up-to-date based on the users current branch? There Is downsides to making that distinction on behalf of the user.

  1. The different mirrors status changes periodic due to different sync priorities
  2. Changing mirrors requires sync of database on user system


  • What should the criteria be for an elimination or ignore of a mirror?
  • Should pacman-mirrors print a message about the mirrors status?
  • When a user has a custom mirrorlist - that user has made a decision to use only that/those mirror(s).
  • We have a -f/--fasttrack argument in case user want updated mirrors.
  • The fasttrack option does not take into account the users branch, selecting only mirrors which are up-to-date on all branches.
  • The unstable branch is the branch which changes most often.

Or maybe pacman-mirrors is as good as it can be for the time being?

The way I understand this, it's the repo status page that should be modified in a way that it would not put servers on the list served to pacman-mirrors that are outdated by a predetermided amount of time.

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As of right now @0800 september 8. 2017 it looks like this. It seems that the mirrorservice has not updated status since 12 hours? That makes the mirrorservice somewhat unreliable - don't it? It seems my browser has cached the page - a refresh updated the status to 0803.



Option 1

The JSON returned by a request to repo.manjaro.org shouldn't include any mirrors that are significantly out-of-date, e.g. synced longer that 12 hours ago. Even that might be too long.

Basically, the response you get should tell you which mirrors are good.

Option 2

pacman-mirrors should ignore any mirror that has synced longer than N minutes ago.

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