outlook 2016 installed...activated... but outlook office 365 dialog wont display properly... any ideas?

outlook 2016 installed...activated... but outlook office 365 dialog wont display properly... any ideas?

please see attached.. im totally missing some kind of lang pack or something...Screenshot_20200603_103652

any info would be greatly appriciated.. im totally done with windows... dude SUPER impressed with WINE cant even believe i got this far.. totally loving the OS too.. thank you guys for developing this :slight_smile:

Welcome to Linux and Manjaro. :beers:

Well, you are using Wine but according to WineDB Outlook has issues:


But the more obvious question is WHY ? Why do you need to install MS Office and Outlook. For Office applications there is LibreOffice and there are many mail clients like Thunderbird and Geary and Evolution. Why do you need to run these applications ?

Installing Microsoft office applications can be a hit and miss.

I have had varying success with Office 2013 and 2016.

The only one which have worked for me is Office 2010 - but Microsoft refuses to activate my license. Unsupported product - and I really don't care anymore - I am using web based services - preferably self hosted.

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i can totally give the other apps a try... im not apposed.. the question is will they be able to connect to Microsoft exchange? will i still get the same mail sync features ect... contact view & folder structure... if the answer is yes then im in.. in my experience imap connections havent been the best and i dont believe that microsoft allows for exchange connections from third party apps.. thanks for your reply frpenguin

dam that sucks..yeah it totally works... its just microsofts stupid lil office365 sign in tool is blah and wont display... idk i might end up rethinking mail all together though. dam self hosted mail thats intense sir.

Ok. So the usual suspect. Exchange.
Thunderbird has addons for MS Exhange.
Some free, some paid. Look here and here. If that e-mail is provided by the company you work at, I understand the need. If not, any other "free" e-mail provider can work without addons. (Notice the quotes).

Think about it. If you are paying MS 60-70 euros or dollars or whatever for the basic license for 365, it is better to either look at privacy friendly mail providers like Tutanota or Protonmail or go the extra mile and spend a bit more money to set it up your self. I went a bit of topic here, but I think you understand.

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dude you are a brainiac dude!.. yeah... you know... i think I am leaning more towards protonmail these days actually.. micro-shaft collected 48 shillings from me for 1year for hosted mail. idk, contacts are uber important to me and i go between android and ios devices. being able to move freely and not get stuck with google or apple is nice. I can't really say i trust either at this point though. I'm down to check out thunderbird again, its been a while. Thanks for your help man, I look forward to learning a lot from you here.

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