Overly zealous filter of vulgarities

I really appreciate this forum being family-friendly and wholesome, censoring out vulgar terms related to copulation, defecation and similar, but I wonder why is the word for a basic constituent of terracotta masonry censored as well? Is there a funny story behind this? Or is this word considered vulgar in some regional variants of English? If so, that would be pretty awesome to know :smiley:

Interestingly enough, compound words involving the forbidden word (e.g. bricklayer and brickwork) are considered entirely SFW. :rofl:

This has been asked and adressed, by my personal account of responding to them, well over a dozen times minimum.
Its because it is used improperly and its annoying. Giving trolls or incapable brats an out to be defamingly inarticulate makes for less productive and enjoyable forums.

(see ex - "I force installed catalyst and now my graphics are weird. why did manjaro br!ck my laptop?")

And yes there is 'a story' - that being that during one certain surge in manjaro's popularity such occurrences were so utterly common and obnoxious that, in my opinion, the responsive censor was entirely justified and produced positive results.


Thanks for the dozenth+ clarification. I never would have guessed that it could be such a problem. Perhaps it was also messing up the SEO, in which case it's a real problem.

It's a bit similar to how you get banned from Luke Smith's Youtube channel if you write the word "torx" (a type of screw head, often confused with Apple's pentalobe).

Yeah thats kind of what I meant by defamingly .. we cant have hundreds of posts in search results about manjaro br!cking a machine when it hasnt been happening. Bad PR and all that.
And again .. just annoying. The example I gave was more illustrative than most posts like that .. It seemed to me disallowing 'br!ck' reduced the 'something wrng plz halp!' posts that contained no info by a good margin.
Of course though .. its not a banning thing. Just a discouragement that makes things more efficient in the end.
(fair notice - I didnt make this decision .. I just support it and offer my own perspective/opinion)


when you can't even post a package name...


It's not really a "PR" thing, just an avoidance of an absolutely inaccurate term brought into use by laziness, misuse of language, and "script kiddie" wannabies trying to sound cool or informed by using a slang term. Completely incorrectly.


@jonathon, Slang Sleuth :smiley:

The term "irked" comes to mind. #MeToo :wink:

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Or the polar opposite of that #MGTOW. I used to know someone who's an advocate of MGTOW, suffice to say we didn't get on too well.

EDIT - I can see bloat and bloated being added to that filter list :wink:


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