P-Touch 2430PC label print via USB made easy

Today i tried to enable my USB P-Touch label printer with linux.
Brother does not offer P-Touch Editor app or drivers. :unamused:

The good news: There is a simple solution in AUR.

  1. Simply install ptouch with software manager (AUR enabled). It was developed by Dominic Radermacher.
    (libusb is required as dependency, should be already present on manjaro installs)
  2. Then connect the Brother P-Touch printer via USB.
  3. Done. :star_struck:

How to print a label: Usage in terminal

1 row label:

ptouch-print --font "Comic Sans MS:bold" --text "ABCD"

2 row label:

ptouch-print --font "Comic Sans MS:bold" --text "AB" "CD"

3 row label:

ptouch-print --font "Comic Sans MS:bold" --text "A" "B" "CD"

4 row label:

ptouch-print --font "Comic Sans MS:bold" --text "A" "B" "C" "D"

Image print label:

ptouch-print --image backspacelogo.png

Manual cut (print more labels at once) :scissors:

ptouch-print --text "Label 1" --cutmark --text "Label 2"

help command:

ptouch-print --help

Additional font size options:
For 24mm labels here the maximum font size options

1 row 24mm:

--fontsize "120"

2 row 24mm:

--fontsize "60"

3 row 24mm:

--fontsize "38"

4 row 24mm:

--fontsize "30"

According to the developer page it should also work with PT-2420PC, PT-1230PC, PT-D450VP und PT-2730PC

I'm so happy it works and hope it might help other users if they aren't finding brother support.


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