pa-applet notification not displaying information/icons

I have been trying to figure out how to fix the pa-applet notification for a very long time. Can't figure it out.

Has anyone else been able to fix this?


hey @todfox,

same problem here.

Looks like pa-applet is using notify_notification_set_hint_int32 of the libnotify library to set the value. See

This function seems to be deprecated (see notification.h line 138 of the GNOME/libnotify project)
However, my working hypothesis atm is, that this is not a problem with pa-applet or that libnotify function but awesome's notification system somehow doesn't know what to do with this 'hint'

I've patched my local version of pa-applet to also set a notification body:

Other window manager seem to work with this 'hint' value, so a proper fix would probably rather include changes in awesome-wm :thinking:

Awesome's issue tracker is quite active, so maybe you could file an issue there? With the details you've given they should be able to figure out a fix.

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