PacBang suddenly appeared, and I can't login

I've been using Openbox Manjaro for at least a month, and after I restarted today, I was greeted by a PacBang login screen, and my credentials weren't accepted and I couldn't login.

I see that PacBang is an Openbox variant of Manjaro, but it is not what I installed initially and I haven't (knowingly) moved to it. If this is just part of a rolling release, why can I not log in?

I am unsure how to proceed. I can't seem to access a command line or anything.

The current Manjaro Openbox uses a lxdm greeter with a PacBang logo. The next release will use the correct Manjaro Logo - so you have not installed PacBang - the current greeter is an error on my side.

  1. Which ISO did you install from?

  2. Which branch are you using?

    pacman-mirrors --status
  3. I don't know what happened but passwords and usernames do not change overnight and the system do not change by itself.

So either you are mistyping username/password or you have made changes like overwriting your shadow file with shadow.pacnew.

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I used the v19 Openbox community version.

I got to a terminal (Ctrl alt F6), where I could log in with my normal into, and, after trying startx a couple times, it finally loaded Openbox (like it was prior).

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