Package for AUR not open files in which the name contains russian letters


Tell me please,
why does a program created in Python after creating a package for AUR not open files in which the name contains russian letters? However, this error did not occur during the program development process.

Although no this is after the Manjaro update happened this week.

No, I want to clarify that this happened after the Manjaro update, since Python now doesn't open these files either...

Any example?

The OP is referring to a package that they wrote

Oh - so this is an issue with their own bit of Python code?

Probably worth going back over the steps and checking that the original program works correctly rather than focussing on the packaged version (for which the linked thread applies).

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I developed a program in Python, there is a dialog box for opening the file.

However, files that contain Russian letters are not opened
(or files that are in folders containing Russian letters)

For example:



 / run/media/helg/My Passport/Море

OK, cool. So, you need to debug your program.

No, it's nothing to do with the programs, even in their original form, the files don't open now,
and before updating Manjaro everything worked, I checked

To me that seems similar to this issue here

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Short answer unicode - while python 3 defaults to unicode - it may be necessary to include the unicode format string as the second line in your source.

Please tell me exactly how to do this?

Read the docs

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