Package Request - Joplin

Joplin is a great tool for note-taking. Requesting for it to be in the official manjaro repos.

From a comment in the AUR page:

and that was in reference with some dependency packages/libraries ... On a rolling distribution this is a nightmare :slight_smile: A reason why Arch did not adopt it to their repositories either, i guess, in spite that the package has 121 votes and 10 are the least requirement for a package to get promoted from AUR to community.

I honestly doubt one of the Manjaro developers will take the task for it.


Oh.... Then I will have to stick with appimage version. Yea it has got good votes on aur. But that version gave me error 416 , so was never able to install. Thanks to their appimage version. Hopefully this appimage thing has not nothing to do with rolling release , as even if they lock on to specific version, then appimage will be having specific dependencies stuck in already!

Yes, appimages run with their own libraries, unrelated with the distro or release type.

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