[Package Request] pnpm


Alternatives currently available in our repos:
npm - Microsoft owned
yarn - Facebook owned

Which makes me really sad...
I think pnpm deserves to be in repo :slight_smile:

Are you sure about that?

I think you may be confusing the nuget package manager used by Microsoft in Visual Studio with npm which is the Node Package Manager and a - at least to my knowledge - completely different project.

Sure, there were huge buzz about it, it's owned by Github, which is owned by Microsoft...So yes :expressionless:

GitHub announced in March 2020 it is acquiring npm, inc.[31]

Well - you learn something every day - thank you for enlightening me :slight_smile:

I knew that Microsoft had acquired Github - what I didn't know was they inherited Node.js as well.

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Not node.js itself though, npm specifically

Node js is safe for now :upside_down_face:

Oh - and only revisiting the npm page - I noted the topmost banner - too used to useless info at that location


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Just reading the headlines from a DDG search and pnpm already caught my attention

I have first hand experienced the storage nightmare of dependencies you have when you develop using node.js - even if it is as simple as a live reload http.

pnpm uses a content-addressable filesystem to store all files from all module directories on a disk. When using npm or Yarn, if you have 100 projects using lodash, you will have 100 copies of lodash on disk. - https://www.npmjs.com/package/pnpm

Now that is what I call improvement :exclamation:

Exactly, i was pleasantly surprised while trying it too, definitely road to right direction :slight_smile:

Go back a few years - I was still developing on Windows - and removing a folder structure was next to impossible due to the deep structure - npm install can create.

And Windows operating system has a path limitation on 256 characters (not NTFS - but the system) making removal of dead projects or scratchpads next to impossible.

I had to install cygwin and use a cygwin prompt - then I could remove it - but not using cmd

Yeah, i also got into this situation on Windows, never knew NTFS had limit before (although you can easily remove it with regedit parameter)...Anyway, glad i'm not on Windows anymore :partying_face:

Also copy of folder which has node_modules was real pain in the butt slow, compared to ext4

My search-fu - at the time - didn't reveal that - but it is the past - never again - I have this VM where I code using Visual Studio and I often feel lost :grin:

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