[Package Request] vhba-module-dkms

Hello everyone,

I'd like to request the addition of the vhba-module-dkms package, which is already available in the Arch Linux community repository. Seeing how the static versions of the vhba-module are already in Manjaro's community repo (linux-latest-vhba-module & linux-lts-vhba-module respectively), I believe this package is a good contender for inclusion.

Thank you all for your consideration!

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You don't need the dkms package for Manjaro. We have pre-compiled vhba-module packages available for every kernel.

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That’s not really a reason to not have a dkms module.

Having a dkms module is a much better solution, less work for maintainers and makes the life of newbie kernel tweakers easier too.

Some modules, granted, a precompiled module is better, nvidia drivers or network drivers for example, so OOTB experience is better. As for everything else, dkms is all that’s really needed.


To add to that, there is actual benefit from the dkms version if one uses a custom kernel. Not that I belong to that group, but it's still a valid case.

More than anything, it's the convenience of installing the module only once and forgetting about its kernel specific versions.

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If the DKMS module is in Arch stable, it should work its way down to Manjaro Stable.

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