Pacman error w/pacman-5.0.1-9

Yes, you need to comment it...

See this also..

That answers my question about "SyncFirst", but what about "HoldPkg"? Does it need "manjaro-system-ng" added, or just "manjaro-system" removed?:slight_smile:

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Probably it needs to add ng, so pacman wont remove it

Unless Holdpkg is deprecated also (doubt it)

Thank you, I didn't get any warning about "HoldPkg" so I will add "-ng" for now at least.:slight_smile:

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No, don't do that. Take the default pacman.conf that is installed as pacnew file.


Oops! I was wrong! Sorry, I didnt know there was a pacnew file

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The update should do the following.
It replaces manjaro-system and manjaro-hotfixes with new manjaro-system-ng and you got a corresponding pacman update.
Pacman has syncfirst patch removed, because manjaro-system was the only package that needed syncfirst, we gonna handle crucial updates with alpm hooks.
So pacman is now pretty close to upstream arch, just manjaro branded, hence you need to update pacman.conf.


Thank you @artoo...I will make the necessary substitution of pacman.conf.:slight_smile:

Best regards.

you need to do stuff like that manually in arch/manjaro! this is how pacman works.

you have to manually use "pacdiff" (which is a part of pacman) to check for new config files.
alternatively, you can use pacui's "clean system" function, which does it automatically for you.

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Just for those that don't know both the "pacman.conf" & "" can be found in "/etc/"

or use locate :

locate pacman.conf

"locate" command not found!

Weird mine have one...

[thefallenrat@thefallenrat-pc ~]$ locate pacman.conf

I think you need to install mlocate..

[thefallenrat@thefallenrat-pc ~]$ pacman -Qo /usr/bin/locate
/usr/bin/locate is owned by mlocate 0.26-6

Of course "mlocate" can be installed, I see it is a core app but not sure if it is on the iso.s?

I got one from 16 version iso...
Not sure about the 17 one....

Now got

locate: can not stat () `/var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db': No such file or directory

You need to do this first :

sudo updatedb

Correct just found that, many thanks, I would have thought that would have been part of the installation?

I think pacman will do this automatically when there's a system upgrade..

But for manual install, you need to do it yourself...

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