[pacman-mirrors] 4.7.5 - isolating the root cause

An unexpected error surfaced - an uncaught IndexError.

While handling it is a good measure - it is even better to understand why and to correct the root cause.

Technical stuff
The error rose from not handling x32 branches correct. Before Arch dropped x32, pacman-mirrors was happy to serve both architectures.

When x32 was officially dropped and manjaro32 was born, some minor changes ensured pacman-mirrors selected the right branch for the mirror list creation.

With the introduce of sanity check of the configuration file, the x32 branches was added to an internal list structure making the x32 branches valid when sanitizing the Branch configuration.

However this created a problem when filtering the mirrorlist for uptodate mirrors for the user's branch since the status.json does not contain information on x32 branches which resulted in the IndexError situation.

Pacman-mirrors does not know the status of the x32-branches.

Until @philm has the time needed to include a check of the x32-branches the status of the x32 branches will be assumed to be identical to the x64 branches.

The changes to pacman-mirrors has been tested and verified and version 4.7.5 is in x32-unstable repo. Please report any issues in the next post which will be wikified.

:: Status

           BRANCH             REPO       ARCH                              JOB
     x32-unstable             core       i686          finished package commit
      x32-testing             core       i686          finished package commit
       x32-stable             core       i686          finished package commit

:: Process session successfully finished.
:: Pulling changes...
 obtaining remote repository packages...
   remove  core/i686/pacman-mirrors-4.7.5-1-any.pkg.tar.xz.sig
   replace core/i686/pacman-mirrors-4.7.5-1-any.pkg.tar.xz
:: Branch is up-to-date now.

Edit as needed (wiki)

Did you revert it to 4.7.4? 4.7.5 doesn't seem to be in the repo any more... ?

No - I did not - 4.7.5 is where the root cause is fixed. I don't know why it should have disappeared.

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