Pacman -Syyu

I keep it on speed dial.

Except some days I paste it to my forehead.

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while I appreciate the effort -Syy* is in fact not mentioned on that page

No? Sheesh, maybe I should read through it sometime...

But here is something you should know: Superior intellects keep changing the 'proper' ways to use Pacman commands. For example, installing a package used to be a straight forward;

pacman -S packagename

But then wiser beings decided it should really be;

pacman -Sy packagename

But now they are saying it must be;

pacman -Syu packagename

Anyway, @jefferson9, just a warning to _Be On The Lookout f_or future uses as the Powers That Be re-create whatever philosofickle thinking they think. :wink:

Regards to the Confused :smiley:

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Another possible explanation

If you have pamac set to use AUR and set pamac to notify you of updates from AUR then

pacman -Syyu

will possibly fail. That is because pacman only updates from the official repository.

AUR is an optional source of packages and pacman cannot and will not update from optional sources.

I have set pamac to not check for up dates. I did not care to have it eating my slow connection each time I boot. Thus if I understand, I can watch for announcements on the forum and when an update is available apply this work flow from the wiki:

$ sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip
$ sudo pacman -Syy
$ sudo pacman -Syu

... and for the AUR:
$ yaourt -Syu

I'm I ok with this?

$ sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip
$ yaourt -Syyua

Do not use yaourt for that.

Pacman is for system - yaourt is for AUR.

pacman -Syyu

Why not ?
yaourt -Syyua does everything just described. forces resync, updates system, updates aur.
Unless you are speaking to the possible dangers or inadequacies of yaourt ...
In which case we could re-raise the topic of whether it is installed by default or whether pacaur should replace it (at install, or by common command suggestion). As was first related a year ago in this thread.
I dont necessarily disagree - I'm just saying it brings up what I still consider an open issue. As showcased not only by the confusion surrounding usage - but also by what appear to be inherit contradictions in instruction.
[by the by pacaur follows pacman syntax more closely and with it 'Syyu' includes aur by default ;-)]

i said yaourt 'cause he mentioned it, personalty i use pacaur, it does every thing and much more, like tosay, this package is not in AUR pass
that's mean it doesn't see package in repo neither in AUR so you know you can uninstll it

Well strange thing happened, pamac notified me of updates, and pacman -Syyu worked this time. Strange. I suppose I'll just disable pamac and stick with pacman.

As I re-read man yaourt there is no -y switch. So to update AUR packages one should (if using yaourt) enter : yaourt -Su.
Also from man yaourt:

Yaourt is a pacman frontend with a lot of features.

   AUR/ABS support, colorized output, interactive search/install, save/restore Alpm database, orphans detection, manage .pac* files, ...

@linux-aarhus I do not pick a fight, I am simply confused. Aren't all these tools front ends for pacman ?

pacaur may be superior, I don't use the AUR much at all but I still need to look at that.... pamac cross references pacui, which is the Manjaro version I gather.

@cscs[quote="cscs, post:16, topic:24160"]
As showcased not only by the confusion surrounding usage - but also by what appear to be inherit contradictions in instruction.

Contradiction and confusion yes.

A poll may be useful to determine which is best, not here. I am sorry if I have diverted the original intent. I would like to know if I have made some misstep in my use of tools please.

Thanks all

would update a single package, repo or aur. as noted above, you must pass the -a option to an update string with yaourt to also update aur. -Syyu will update repos. -Syyua will update repos and aur.

pacui is an entirely different tool which attempts to makes multiple things accessible at once ... from mhwd to updates, etc .. calling the needed software for you.

Yup. But may need to be outside of 'general' to be fruitful or efficient.

Thanks cscs for the clarifications. [quote="cscs, post:20, topic:24160"]
you must pass the -a option to an update string with yaourt to also update aur.

I left out that little detail, sorry. My confusion was based on the false perception that yaourt was for the AUR exclusivaly. I now see pacaur is for that.

pacaur can be used by users who prefer to have a single tool to manage the official and AUR repositories, or by users who prefer to keep their AUR frontend separated from pacman.

Yes! pacui does lots-0-stuff!

Thanks again for the help... I am learning. :relaxed:

Sorry again.
pacaur is not exclusively for aur. it is a wrapper like yaourt.
(you just cant search with 'pacaur package' and theres no color addition and a few more differences ... but really pacaur uses direct pacman syntax... yaourt does not necessarilly. such as the -a option)
You could use 'pacaur -S some-package-in-repos' and it would work fine
I update with 'pacaur -Syyu', which as it is pacaur, also includes checking aur.

...Tomorrow I will start a topic on pacaur. or yaourt vs pacaur. or both.

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for pacaur, if you want to check ONLY in AUR you have to put the -a switch ...... little different from Yaourt ...

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@jefferson9, PAMAC is a GUI frontend for Pacman. Pacman is your package manager. The PAMAC update notifier runs resident in your tray and starts when you start the OS. As long as you use either one, but not both at the same time, you're usually fine (otherwise you'll get a locked database notifier).

One caveat: I prefer updating using Pacman in a terminal. That is the best way to handle any user-required interventions (dependency handling, etc.). It is also the typical method @philm's update announcements tell you to proceed.

And always read @philm's update announcements before proceeding. :smiley:



A lot of fine tools exist - front-ends and what-not.

But if everyone is throwing around al kinds of fancy shortcuts - newcomers won't recognize it's a wrapper/helper/shortcut and fall into dispair when the cannot see through the messages.

I personally use pacman for update - at least most of time - because as @c00ter points out it is the best way of handling the sometimes needed user intervention.

I don't have an issue with any one resorting to shortcuts - shortcuts is actually why I use Manjaro - for various grounds I reinstall my system so often that it became tedious to do it the Arch way and it sorted to shortcuts - first Architect and later Antergos and later again Manjaro.

But I think we should stop telling new comers how to use the shortcuts before they can use the system.

And no one can get me into a war about that - it is a personal decision and I won't stand in the way of that.


No war :slight_smile: More like I want to pin down unified standards.

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It has already been discussed in the past, but it's not a bad idea to discuss it again. :slight_smile:

[Manjaro 17.x] switch from yaourt to pacaur?

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