Pacman vs Pamac vs Yay

Hi community, I am totally new to manjaro and I am really confused about those three commands. I don't know the differences between them or when should I use one commands instead of others 🀷 and please speak in noob terms so I could understand :sweat_smile: thank you in advance.

I would describe it as user, pacman is in terminal
pamac is in gnome ui :slight_smile:

or more info
yay I do not use
I use pacman for updates and upgrades
I use pamac for searching for programs because linux has one wrong behaviour when program is videos but package is totem, disk usage analyser is baobab and so on so on.

They all install packages:

pamac is Manjaro's package manager and it can install packages from the Manjaro repos or AUR
pacman is the package manager from Arch. It can only install packages from the repos.
yay is a wrapper that can install packages from the Manjaro repos or AUR.

Feel free to use whichever you prefer

EDIT: pamac also has a GUI version available pamac-manager which is in the menus as "Add/Remove Software"


Pamac is the fancy GUI you see when you open Add/Remove or Updates on your desktop. It is the GUI for Pacman.

Pacman is the command used in the terminal to install, update, and remove software using the terminal.

YAY is used in the terminal like Pacman is. However, it is used to install, update, and remove software from the AUR.

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@linesma @VoDo As I know pamac-manager (pamac-gtk or pamac-qt) is GUI for pamac-cli not for pacman. And you can use pamac in terminal

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pamac is the default package manager of Manjaro. Our aim is to reduce everything to Pamac. You can use it as UI and in the terminal. We made the terminal Syntax similar to that you may know from debian:

To build a package from the AUR :

pamac build package

To install a package from the repo:

pamac install package

To search a package in the AUR, repo or snap store:

pamac search package/application

That all can be also done in the UI.

So for short: in a not so short distant future we will pre-install pamac by default without the need of having any AUR helper nor pacman installed. And currently we are working on supporting flatpaks thru pamac.


Pamac is the best package manager that I’ve used on any Linux OS. Can’t wait for Flatpak. Thank you and the rest of the team for your hard work!

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