Pamac 9.5

Pamac 9.5 is out and guess what, it's the best version ever released :wink:
Because it has some new cool features, I must share them with you.
Here the main changes:

  • First, a bunch of internal improvements:

    • Automatically resolve common errors with which pacman leaves you alone:

      • auto solved dependencies conflicts by removing conflict from the transaction
      • existing file conflicts resolution by backuping existing files
      • bad downloads resolution by removing and redownload them
    • When removing no more needed packages (orphans), don't remove packages which is an optional dep of another package:

    • Custom search algorithm for better regex support

    • Database performance improvement

    • Faster AUR client

  • Then the GUI was also improved:

    • Complete gnome integration
    • Add of Appstream and Snap links support
    • Improved low screen resolution support
    • Fix check conflicts freeze
    • Fix download freeze
  • To finished, the CLI also had some love:

    • Add of shell-style wildcards support to install and remove packages, like:
      • pamac remove virtualbox*
      • pamac install libreoffice-{still,fresh}
    • Add of --quiet,-q option in search, list and clone actions for easy scripting
    • Add of --dry-run,-d option to install, remove and build actions

Thank you!

I like Pamac, it's a good program. And I'm not ashamed to say I use it.


A pretty big step forward for Pamac. :slight_smile:


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