Pamac - Am I up-to-date or out-of-date?

The wording of checkupdates is a little confusing.

$ pamac checkupdates -a
Your system is up-to-date.

Out of Date:
protonmail-bridge  1.2.3-1  AUR

It turns out that protonmail-bridge is flagged as out-of-date in the AUR.

Maybe change the wording to include "Flagged" or similar so that our OS isn't in the super-position of being up-to-date and out-of-date at the same time.


I'm enjoying the quantum references...


Sure, but let's keep "Schrödinger's Update" as a thought experiment. We don't need no collapsing wave functions around here!


So, pamac doesn't update things from the AUR -> so it's correct.

On the flip side protonmail-bridge from the AUR is out of date (I also use it) -> so that's also correct.

If you would like to update your AUR programs - as it seems you're using the terminal, you will want to use

yay -Syu

Or whatever AUR package helper you're currently using (pacaur, yay, etc)

Just reverse the polarity ..

@fbodymechanic .. technically .. it is best practice to not use a helper for updates .. to only use it for the aur .. and to not use one to incur a possible partial upgrade. Its a bit pedantic .. but .. it should go something like this
sudo pacman -Syu
yay -Sua
(though some helpers, like yay, do put in safe guards or call pacman first, etc)

..oh yeah .. not to mention --devel which might be handy for those git packages ..

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Umm.....yes it does.

The issue here is that the package needs to be updated by the maintainer. I think the OP is just recommending the verbiage be changed.

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It does? Huh. Even as long as I've been using this, there's so much more to learn.

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AUR page has a link in comments to another pkgbuild script on protonmail site

  • later version - pkgver=1.2.5
  • depends= has 3 identical dependencies, but qt5-base appears to replace hicolor-icon-theme
  • different value for sha256sums=

could try to use either new pkgbuild, or edit old one

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