Pamac does not see all Flatpaks

Hello all,

I am on Manjaro KDE (Kernel 5.4) and have the Pamac plugins for Snap and Flatpak installed. I have very few of them and between the two I try to use flatpak whenever I have the option.

So I looked up Bitwarden on Flathub and saw it was there, but Pamac did not see it. Even after installing the flatpak via terminal Pamac keeps not acknowledging its existence and just presenting me the AUR, CLI and Snap versions of bitwarden.
Bauh on the other hand has no problems seeing and updating it.

Any idea on the cause of this apparently arbitrary behaviour?

Issue is reproducible for me. Package can also be found with flatpak search bitwarden.
No idea though why it happens.

Similar issue in gitlab mentions a difference between system and user flatpaks:

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Thank you, it seems to be the same issue, BitWarden was installed for the user for me too.
I reinstalled it through CLI for the system and now it shows in Pamac (although it calls is "com.bitwarden.desktop"). I still don't understand why it won't show up in pamac search, even now it's visible in installed packages.
The same happens with a couple of other apps I found on flathub.

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