pamac download size vs installed size

Is my second post today, I apologize for that but I am getting really excited
i would like to know two things

  1. from the guide I want to update the system and I run

pamac checkupdates -a
pamac upgrade -a

i get a strange message:

Total download size: 565,2 MB
Total installed size: 5,4 MB
Apply transaction ? [y/N] 

How come is going to download 562 MB if the total installed size of the upgrade is 5,4? my hipothesis is that needs to download from scratch the packages as there are not diff patches

2)why running pamac -Si i get conflicts Why pamac did not tell me before that there were conflicts when I installed the packages and do I need to resolve them?

You're downloading 562MB of files. The total difference compared to what's already on your system is 5.4MB. This is fairly typical for an upgrade.


I see, thanks really efficient distro anyway

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