pamac-gtk freezes with manjaro KDE 18.1.2

I have been having so many issues with pamac where it would freeze. I have heard it's general not recommended to use pamac and instead use pacman but I can't get used to using the shell for package management sure I know how to update and install packages but how do I check what packages I have installed? how much space they use? information about the package? I found a cli package manager that actually does all this called pkgtop and the cool thing is it works the same across all distros, but it doesn't work with the aur. Is it just me and there something wrong with my pamac or is pamac just garbage and i have to use pacman in the shell

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I did not have any issues with pamac, but I mostly use it to occasionally install a package. What front-end do use for pamac? Gtk or QT?

pacman -Q

For a specific package that's in

pacman -Qi <package-name>

And there are lots of other useful options

Have a look at:

You might also be interested in pacui, it is maintained by @excalibur1234:


yup pacui is exactly something I was looking for I don't mind using the term with something like that but having to remember all the pacman options is a pain. I use the GTK version of pamac thats what came with my system (although I thought octipi was the default for kde manjaro)

That one is running fine on my end. I know that other users also have used the GTK frontend in KDE. However, I don't use KDE, so I can't give you first hand experience.
Maybe you can try the QT-Frontend when it is update to the new API:

I can recreate this freeze issue with pamac-gtk on a clean install of manjaro KDE 18.1.2(don't ask why I did that it's a long story...)

Anyhow, pamac-gtk is the package set to install by default in the KDE ISO package list instead of octopi now.

There are no network issues, the mirrors are synchronised since I checked before trying to install xsane and GIMP. This is what happened, it's frozen on intel-tbb which is a requirement for GIMP presumably.


I had to terminate pamac, remove the db lock, clear pacman cache to get rid of the corrupt package and complete the transaction with pacman.

@firefightux didn't solve this issue, they provided an alternative package manager. It still needs addressing.

EDIT - Back using Octopi - I've dug out my old custom ISO and used that instead, it was actually quicker to reinstall with that and do a system update with pacman than spend any more time installing all my applications, fonts, icons etc. and then configuring the fresh 18.1.2.

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I can recreate this issue using pamac-aur (pamac-gtk) to upgrade on arch.

Pamac 9.1.0 is completely unusable. Random hangs on every operation. WTF did you do

Don't use pamac it's garbage. It crashes gives mem leaks Use pacui if you don't like using pacman in the terminal it makes it even easier than using pamac

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