Pamac is Great!

I'd been distrohopping for a while then concluded on Manjaro and xfce. Then I saw a video about how debian base is great. For a moment I thought "Should I go for Xubuntu, or debian xfce?" than I remembered pamac.


I think it's the best GUI package manager among all distros. What do you think?

I prefer GUIs in my day to day usage of an OS. On Manjaro, I do everything about package management with Pamac. And I must say it is gorgeous.


  • Very fast
  • Easy
  • Clean
  • Lightweight
  • with AUR
  • Nice selection of options (remove unrequired dependencies, etc.)
  • Refresh Mirror List - Find best repository servers near to you
  • Package grouping is neat.
    ** Categories - Internet, Education, Games, etc.
    ** Groups - Some grouping of specific packages like kodi-addons
    ** Repositories - core, extra, community, multilib
    ** Installed - Orphaned packages, explicitely installed packages, foreign (AUR) packages
  • Opening/home page is quite on the spot (BTW, what is shown here? Can anyone enlighten? I think visible items are shown here, maybe items in whisker menu, I'm not sure.)
  • View package change history as a text file

The competition:

  • Synaptic: Slow.
  • Ubuntu software center is not a package manager. (But I like the integration of Ubuntu. You can right click on app in ubuntu menu and select details. It opens the app in software center so you can remove it. Much like in Android.)
  • Yast is slow. (tried on live usb)
  • Others - don't know

Note: In this video, @philm and Bernhard talks about changing Pamac into a software center. I think Categories are sufficient and current homepage is good.

Bugs and solutions:


I prefer pacui myself. It's a TUI, and you can use your mouse on it in the terminal as well.

Wow, I've never heard of it. Thx. Will give it a try.

I don't know about these alternatives also:

I've run pacui on console but stopped there. Sorry I prefer GUI but I've learned what TUI is :slight_smile:

What do you find extra on pacui rather than pamac?

Follows the KISS principle. It's very fast and clean. The layout is easy to use even for people who prefers GUI programs. It can be used as a TUI or without one. "Maintain System" is nice to use to clean up your computer (don't use it blindly though, know what it does).


I tried some alternatives from arch wiki but they didn't please me. Pamac is superior. Why is pamac not on the list in arch wiki?

Pamac is a Manjaro program, not an Arch program. Same reason why pacui isn't listed on Arch Wiki

It is on the Manjaro Wiki though

I really like Pamac in most ways, but for the past ~2 - 3 weeks doing Testing & Stable updates with it has been fraught for me [failures with a variety of weird error messages, some of which i've had before like keys being wrong (needing @jonathon's "nuclear" fix), but others new to me like something about the downloaded packages being bigger than the package sizes expected (prefaced during said downloads by Pamac's realtime log showing the same packages' downloads' status-bar going hysterical & each package starting & restarting its download many many times... totally bonkers)].

So i've had to abandon Pamac for bigger updates recently in various VMs & PCs in favour of first-principles, ie, sudo pacman -Syyu in terminals. I assumed initially that my mirrors were not current, but even refreshing them in Pamac sometimes did not help. Conversely doing sudo pacman-mirrors -f 7 in terminals was more successful. I'm guessing & am probably totally wrong, but had been wondering if maybe some recent Pamac version update might be flawed?


I think it can be used in Arch too. (It is recommended on itsfoss too, 4th item.)

Since pamac supports installing from AUR it is on this list:

Yes, it's another list but it should be on arch's pacman GUI list too.

None of the tools that support AUR are on that list.

And except that pamac doesnt use pacman. It is ALPM directly.

pamac isn't a pacman wrapper.

Thank you and @cscs. Arch wiki becomes logical again in my mind.

Just for clarification, the first issue mentioned in the first post ("Default browser settings: URL’s in Pamac not respected") isn't actually specific to Pamac. Links in any other application in the system would open in the non desired browser/application.

It was an issue regarding the default applications in shared mime-info database of the system, nothing wrong on Pamac's side.


I like Pamac, although I think the one thing that makes Synaptic from the Debian family one step ahead is their descriptions on the packages. I like to read about the software. In pamac, I look up (website) each package and read about it, which is time consuming if you are dealing with several packages. It is nice to have it all in one place.

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I think you have to distinguish between a software centre and a dedicated installer. I think Pamac is a capable installer, but it is not designed to be a full blown software centre.

I'm a KDE user and if I want a software centre I can install KDE's "Discover" app. Discover gives great package descriptions and categorizations etc, but it is a bug filled mess as far an installer. At least that was my experience the last time I tested Discover, but it's been a while.

It's hard to be everything to everyone. Pamac is very capable doing what it was designed for, but it was not designed to be a clone of the Ubuntu software centre (and I'm just fine with that).


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