Pamac is kinda broken...

So when I press the shield icon on the kde system tray telling me there are updates:
I do not have arduino ide, blender, or cura installed. This is just the same list as the one in browse tab. Going to another tab and back to updates fixes this glitch. I wonder what the issue is

Mine does not really work at all. It always start in the browse tab. I have to click the Updates tab myself to get to the updates.

Hm. This is the update icon i am talking about:

Yep. Mine just looks different. It's a circle with an arrow pointed up for me.

Yeah, i know that that's how it used to look some time ago...
Maybe because I now use the papirus icons?

Yep. I use Breath icons. :slight_smile:

Ah. Probably that's the reason for the icons being different. I do not believe icon theme would affect this bug though

Oh also, both times this bug occurred, it was an update to the kernel (linux54)

Also every time I update the linux kernel this comes up.
The last parts of the log say that they cannot find grub on /dev/sdb1, a plugged in usb drive. This should not occur, I also classify this as a bug.
Unless i actually am doing something wrong... since I've had two kernel updates in two consecutive days.

If you look at the screenshot, the version of some packages are same, others show not installed. Weird....

yeah - all packages with empty parens i don't have (I have discord from the repos, that is the discord snap). all the others just show the same version. only thing that needs to be updated is linux54(see above post).
I have snap support enabled if that could affect this.

What's your pamac version?


as reported by pamac --version and the GTK ui's about menu

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