Pamac is not downloading from selected mirror on archlinux

I used manjaro for months. Then I switched to achlinux for testing. Pamac was a great package manager GUI which was installed by default in manjaro. But in archlinux there is no pamac by default. So I installed it in archlinux using yay. But the problem is that it is not using the selected mirror defined in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist. Pacman command in terminal is using that selected mirror and I can get the full download speed. But it seems pamac GUI is not using that mirror and downloading is slow in pamac.

I don't think there is any difference in how Pamac works on Arch vs. Manjaro.

Pamac will use what ever mirror is defined in the mirror list.

The only thing Pamac cannot do on Arch is the calls to pacman-mirrors.


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Pamac is a pure Manjaro app.

There is a user building Pamac for Arch - and as such it is in the AUR.

There is also a Pamac Classic in AUR

@Aragorn @kresimir

please no bashing

It's a joke, no bashing intended :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm sure people on the Arch forum will be very happy to provide support for Pamac. :rofl: :popcorn:


I'm not bashing, but I do think it's abusive of this community to ask for how to solve a problem in another distribution, even if said other distribution is Manjaro's upstream, and especially so given the reactions one tends to get if one were to post a question about Manjaro at the Arch forum. They're not exactly as friendly over there as we are over here.


I know - just making a point :stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct

But it is a Manjaro user which asks why Pamac seems to handle mirrors differently on Arch - and the answer to that is - it doesn't.


It's not really the question.. he don't compare pamac on manjaro and Arch.. he just say he was using manjaro and loving pamac then he decided to use it on Arch.. and see some difference between pamac and pacman download speed..

Actually I think there is a difference.. pamac download packages in parallels by default no?

With the mirror list itself it is the same.

You have a point there - it could be the why the download seems slow.

If you download 4 packages from the same mirror - in parallel - the bandwidth is divided - I really don't think more mirrors are used.

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In fact Pamac downloads 2 packages at the same time by mirror.
So, by default, to download 4 packages in parallel Pamac uses the first two mirrors in the mirrorlist.

Ok - but what if the second mirror is not up-to-date?

I will answer in details because that will also explains how libalpm and Pamac work:

  • First Pamac downloads databases (.db files) only from the first mirror of the mirrolist.
  • Only those files are used to know the packages name and version available in the repos.
  • When using parallel downloads Pamac queries the files with the version given in the database from multiple mirrors (2 packages per mirror at the same time).
  • If a mirror doesn't have this package with the specified version, an 404 error is returned and Pamac tries another mirror.
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So - if I understand this correct - the round time to the next mirrors in the list could be quite time consuming (if the next e.g. 10 mirrors is not up-to-date) - it can be a race between finding the files and the download.

No because at the first error, Pamac doesn't use the mirror anymore for other downloads :slight_smile:

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