pamac-manager wont start

please kindly assist with Pacman not starting after update xfce Lysia

What do you mean? Are you getting an error message? How are you trying to start it?

What is the actual error when you try using it?

no error message it wont start pacman. i have done a lot with sudo pacman -f3 and sudo pacman -Syyu with no luck

it wont start. yesterday the error message was authentication failed, but today it wont start

What are you actually trying to start? Add/Remove software?

yes want to add software

Can you open a terminal and type pamac-manager and see if there is any errors displayed?

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Output for pamac-manager

pamac-manager: symbol lookup error: pamac-manager: undefined symbol: pamac_database_search_repos_apps_sync

Have you rebooted since your last update?

yes i have. its solved i reinstall xfce
Thank you am grateful for the help

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