Pamac-qt, very early look and first impression

There were talks about pamac-qt but I thought that is still far away or maybe it is, so I was surprised to find pamac-qt in testing repo. I switched to breeze system look to test default look. Here are my first impressions:

  • it installs with the regular gtk version of pamac, I hope in the feature it will be completely independent app, just like audacious-qt or similar
  • after install, in Plasma start menu only original gtk pamac is findable, the qt version needs to be either launched from a terminal or added to a. desktop launch command
  • pamac-qt after opening seems like in a very early age, UI is far from being perfect and it actually looks ugly and out of place:


  • the empty, unused empty space looks ridiculous, buttons or some other options here would be appropriate

  • there is no search box

  • 3 dot menu icon is looking poor, hamburger menu in form of a button would look better

  • size column is cut, widening the whole app is not helping, the content is always behind the edge

  • categories don't work, they are empty and clicking on categories gives no results (windows stays empty):

  • options: refresh database, view history, install local packages don't work, clicking on them does anything

  • in options, in general tab, some informations are outside the window edge and cannot be scrolled,

  • use mirrors form and refresh mirrors don't work:

  • build directory option doesn't work (is empty and not clickable, although in gtk pamac it wors and is set)

  • clean cache option/button doesn't work:

  • it's unstable, during my playtime with it, it froze for a moment

  • it's not fully localized:

Clearly, there are many, many problems with pamac-qt and it's nowhere near to be usable. I suspect this is merely a direct qt overlay on gtk pamac but it needs to be more than that, so currently, this is only a simple preview of an alpha, not even the real alpha (which would be a full, independent qt, fledling app)

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You can find the project here:

It was most recently updated a week ago - I am not sure if that is the version in Testing.

it's a non-functional model, wait next versions, it's the first code
Use pamac-gtk to query datas but later the current pamac package will be splited

Yes the look is "not plasma" because pamac-qt uses a technology for embedded systems qtquick, I feel more like a html page than plasma :disappointed:

use plasma thème:

QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE=org.kde.desktop pamac-qt
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That reminded me, it's actually one of the positive things about it, that it's blazing quick... ;). In Octopi, clicking on groups you need to wait till they load, in pamac-qt it's immediate result.

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Can't wait to replace Octopi with a real pamac-qt :grinning:

Now i am using and it is working good. I have no issues. I installed all my programs with pamac-qt. All pamac features is working.

Noticed we are missing 'out of date' flags in AUR

Just curious that if I want to replace octopi with pamac-qt, do I just do the follows:

sudo pacman -Rsnc alpm-octopi-utils octopi octopi-cachecleaner octopi-notifier-frameworks octopi-pacmanhelper octopi-repoeditor


sudo pacman -Syu pamac-qt pamac-tray-appindicator

Can't wait to try it.

Pamac-qt is not ready. Don't switch to it. It doesn't work independently, so it installs usual pamac and it will launch pamac gtk, unless you start qt version in terminal manually.

At the moment this is merely a concept or a showcase. This isn't the right qt version yet. If I'm not mistaken, real work hasn't even began as they didn't find the programmer yet.

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It's under development: Pamac-QT - a new QT5-UI for libalpm
Seems like you've created this topic by mistake...

No. Do not remove packages like that. The c flag is not to be used lightly.
From man pacman:

  -c, --cascade

Remove all target packages, as well as all packages that depend on one or more target packages. This operation is recursive and must be used with care, since it can remove many potentially needed packages.

Thanks for suggestions, but I'm confused now:

So, does pamac-qt work well at this stage?

Thanks. Except the c flag, are those packages correct for a total replacement?

I usually remove packages with -Rns which should remove the package, backup files, and all dependencies that were not installed explicitly and/or are not required by other package(s).
Then go ahead and install pamac-qt (and the tray indicator if you like).

There is no search, and some of the menu options does not work yet.
The developer himself @LordTermor, said that it's a very early alpha and should not be used.
It still uses pamac-cli and pamac-gtk in the background to do all the stuff it actually can do.

But it is a good indicator of what to come. It looks slick (just needs theme support) and some of the other things Pamac has introduced lately. :slight_smile:

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Oo i realized that i am using pamac not pamac-qt. I installed pamac-qt but, i used pamac.

But i see that using pamac-gtk in the kde is not problem :smiley: I am using pamac for installed this system, i installed all my app with pamac and i haven't got any problem :smiley:

I wanna ask a question: How is kubuntu handle this? What happening when you use sudo apt install in kubuntu? Does it install qt version in the Discover or the repo, or does it install the gtk version?

It has theme support. You need to manually enable it.
First make sure your system has a qqc2-desktop-style installed (It's a KDE thing so it depends on a lot of KDE dependecies like Kirigami Framework).
Next change your current QtQuick Controls 2 theme using this method and providing org.kde.desktop theme as a parameter.

It should follow regular QT theming for it to have real theming support. Not many is gonna mess around with a specific theming method, just for 1 app.

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Sure. But mind it's an early development version with tons of not implemented features. I am really surprised that @philm hasn't added something like "DEVELOPMENT PREVIEW" to the pamac-qt package description.

Thank you for your report. Although it's a development version and is not intended for a daily usage I'm very happy to see that people need this software.


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