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Not sure if this is the correct place to post, but saw this Discourse post: [Testing Update] 2020-02-25 - Kernels, Pamac 9.4-rc1, Firefox-Dev, Cinnamon, Calamares
From today, that you needed some help with translation of pamac, so helped with translating 45 strings into Swedish this morning, been using Manjaro Awesome edition for 3,5 weeks now and took a sticker of you at FOSDEM and used Antergos and regular Arch before that and have translated Firefox stuff for about 6 years and some Ubuntu stuff before then, so jumped in and helped you a bit :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Manjaro community, Svensson :smiley:

Got some help from chraist at Friday 28th February 2020 so we have a complete Swedish PaMac now

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Translated some more today, but there is still 5 strings left i am unsure of so its just 99% done atm for Pamac 9.5

The new version released today, has a complete Swedish translation

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