Panel is unusable (KDE).

I've got my desktop panel darken and unusable. Tried to reboot.

Thanks for the information.


Come on, now. You've been here over 2 years and have 10 hours read time. If you can't give us better information, you can probably expect that level of help.


Should I say for especially gifted that I expect some help. I'm sorry, I thought it's obvious that if you post something in Technical Issues and Assistance.

Microsoft charges their corporate clients $500 per incident for support. What entitles you to support exactly. If you provide information for the forum volunteers to work with you generally get help (if you are not ignorant to the volunteer helpers).

I'm not ignorant, I open to suggestions and will provide any necessary info.
(Windows still barely usable by the way)

Remove panel and install latte-dock

Thanks for workaround.

That is exactly what I would expect the ignorantly oblivious to say.

When ?

As @tbg also wrote, you have been here for quite some time and you should know the rules by now. When you just write:

You don't give any information to work with, you assume we can read minds over the internet, you don't ask questions, you simply do nothing. And then that's what you get in return: nothing.
Read this thread: How to provide good information in your posts
It has been used a lot of times to get good info from somebody with a problem so it is possible to help. But if even that is too much then I think you have to sort it out for yourself.


In the past I typed in info on my problem and people told if they had such problem and shared solution. If not, then info necessary.

Thanks for the information.

If you mean something why not say exactly what you mean? Those twisting doesn't do anything.

I figured my problem out already (somehow there was second panel atop). Nevertheless, thanks for the attention, people.

The OPs problem is resolved.

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