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I keep it simple, one panel 30 pixel high at the bottom, with everything self-contained. I also blame redmond for that :wink:


It has the following only - Applications Launcher, Icons-only Task Manager, System Tray, redshift widget, weather widget, time &date and workspace switcher.

Though I have spent quite some time in Mordor - in fact for 15 years it made my living - I have always moved my taskbar to the top.

Now I am the open (box) land, aka The Shire, and have a polybar at the top with - mostly - statuses and a tint in the bottom with a combined systray - tasklist.

No dock - only keyboard shortcuts - menus right on the mouse.




After many trials and tests, used a very sophisticated setup, i reduced all to a very simple one. On my main screen i have the Panel on top, reduced in size so it doesn't cover the window buttons, with Windows Go Below and Task Manager set to show only tasks from current desktop and activity, and close them with middle click.
On bottom i have a latte dock with different layouts for each activity (i use 3 in total), is auto hiding... This way i have a consistent workflow, without confusing the activity nor the virtual desktop.

On the other Monitor i have just a latte dock placed on my right side (as i'm right handed) and is mostly used when i'm drawing, the other times all applications are opened in full screen mode.
Also i make use of the Quarter Tiling.
The top of my main screen looks like this:

Screensoth of Panel in one activity



I also have the de-facto standard panel on the bottom (from left to right): Application Menu, Icon & Text Taskbar, Workspace Switcher and clock.
On the top right, I have a second Plasma panel with the systray icons, which is autohiding. Got this idea from quidsup - I think it makes the bottom bar look less crowded and leaves more space for the windows in the taskbar. In order to still be able to close my windows without the panel getting in the way, I swapped the controls to the left.

Actually, that's a good idea to have the panel covering the windows' title bar. Never thought of that. I'll try it out. Thanks.

I used a similar setup to i3 on plasma some time ago but gave up because of the lack of tabbing, but maybe your setup provides an answer to that, as I'd be able to switch application and see the hint on the top without loosing screen space and still maintaining the windows' titles when they're not maximized.

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I used to love panel on the left side of the screen, when I used KDE, then XFCE (even on Windows, when I had to use it). I felt that widescreen had some extra space for that and that way I had more vertical space for applications. It looked like this:

Then I went for tiling WMs, so now I don't use window titlebars so that I have some more vertical space and top panel fits my needs:

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It was a bit confusing at first, while trying it, but then i find out why is also nice to have the separator between title bar and window enabled

Like this


and also i changed the Quarter Tiling gap size default to 5 from 8 pixels.

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I put latte-dock on the left side, vertically and with auto-hide, and keep the standard panel on the bottom but without app launchers because they're in latte. Then you also have more place to put little applets in the panel if you don't want to clutter the desktop.
Gives it a slightly Gnomeish look.

KDE Plasma: Top panel (dashboard, global-menu, spacer, temp, systray, time) with Latte dock in the bottom (or left side on secondary screens)
Mate: Top panel (usually the Mate default + temp) and bottom panel (for opened apps) for machines with low RAM / Top panel with a dock at the bottom, usually docky or cairo-dock but sometimes plank
Awesome: Top panel (the one I posted a while ago)
i3: Top panel (manjaro default but on top)

The pro of a dock is that you can have more dynamic way of interacting in mouse centric environments, but at the cost of a little bit more RAM usage.

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I was using Gnome for quite a while and used to the panel on the top. So this is what I was mimicking in each other DE I was trying. However, recently I did a bit DE hopping (again :smiley: ) and decided to stick around with Kde Plasma this time. Meanwhile using Deepin DE, I liked (initially hated) the panel that autohides. So I set up Plasma similar to it.
I removed the default Plasma Panel (as even when I try to put the panel on the top, the shadows are annoying and not so easy to delete) and used the Latte dock instead.
It is very configurable, but I simply choose the Plasma layout (already in Latte layouts) and added/arranged all widgets/applets that I needed and that is all.
At the end I have all the functionality of the default panels with more screen estate and nicer look (at least for me).
With latte 0.8 or so, we can also set different applets per activity, so it would be even less loaded.
belove a screenshot.

To say it short, either single panel on the top, like in Gnome or bigger autohide panel like in Deepin.


On the top, usually hidden. I defined mod+m in my i3config to toggle hide/unhide.

At the top of the screen, because that's where the window title bars, application tabs, and menu bars are, and so that's where your mouse cursor spends most of its time; my mouse rarely goes into the lower-third of my screen.


I do more or less the same thing, just with a normal panel instead of Latte (I still fail to see the point in using docks), it saves one click for the most used applications and frees space in the bottom panel for when I have too many windows opened at the same time. Everything in auto-hide.


Oh, and panel in the bottom is to not get lost when I have to switch to Windows, be it at home or at work.

Egads, yes, i never distilled it so logically / ergonomically before in my thoughts, but now that i see your words, this really rings bells.

Whilst you & the past several other Manjaroos have been posting your collectively thoughtful & interesting responses, i've been doing what i foretold in my OP. So now my Lappy & Tower have had a panel switcheroo... Main [permanently visible] atop, with App Menu Bar [Windows can cover (& btw, how super delighted i was to discover this setting weeks ago when i replaced Cairo-Dock with this Bar... so cool that if not covered by a window then it's visible, then is covered by any encroaching window, but magically can be forced to temporarily reappear in such case with mouse; i love it more than my erstwhile AutoHide)] at bottom.

This did bring me a temporary "crisis" of indecision & stress though. My browser [Vivaldi-Snapshot] runs [/ran] with my hitherto preference of Tabs Bar at top, but now that my Plasma Main Panel is at top of screen, all its widgets & program icons etc are [/were] directly adjacent to Vivaldi's Tabs Bar. It was a riot of visual assault, & very stressful to use given the barrage of competing visual stimuli. I'd not anticipated this collateral damage simply from moving my Panel, but [silver lining] it prompted me to re-explore alternative Tabs Bar placements [Vivaldi rocks!!]. Down the bottom is really uncomfortable, given it then forces me to constantly move mouse between both top & bottom of screen. On the right-hand side, ie, as a column not row now, seems to be an excellent workaround, so i shall retain this whole Brave New World with my best Aldous efforts, for as long as i can, to force my eyes & hands to recalibrate to the new positions all these key elements now occupy.

Gawd Linux is cool.

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You can also use the Native Window option, but the tabs in the right side, without the popup thumbnails and without tab thumbnails makes more sense and reminds me of the "old days" when Opera was cool too :slight_smile:

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I could never get used to using the dock. The same way I cannot get used to having panel anywhere else but on the bottom of the screen. Also, I use autohide for some extra space and less distraction.

Yes, i do [since it first became available in later 2015]. I lazily omitted that detail in my previous post... hence the tabs were very near to but actually not directly next to my new top panel; they were separated by Vivaldi's window bar. Nonetheless it was a terrible visual assault all the same. Though it's been less than an hour, atm i am really enjoying my new arrangement [Plasma & Vivaldi]... but i do hope my eyes & muscle-memory recalibrate soon to the altered positional workflow, ha.

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There is no day going by that i don't tweak a small detail, then the next day i try to remember why i did it :smiley: Slowly i convinced myself that this will be an endless playground/play-around

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Not wanting to hijack my own thread [it's much better that i do that to other Manjaroos' threads, snicker], but fyi whilst i do keep the tabs' thumbnails deactivated, i use & love having the popup thumbnails. That's also how i had it in the grand Olde Opera 12 days :slight_smile:

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hehe, back then i didn't mind... Lately even the default Plasma tooltips became a bit too much for me, and i don't know why because i use to like them :thinking:

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