paper icon theme needs to be updated due to issue already fixed

Hey all

The paper icon theme needs to be updated/fixed as there is missing icons on thunar and other places which has already been fixed on the official git repo.

Issue already reported and confirmed on this report:

building the theme from the git source is fine :smiley:

please add your request in the topic below, also you mean this? paper-icon-theme-git

Oh I'm sorry and yes I am referring to that package paper-icon-theme-git

Do you want me to make a new post in the correct forum category?

no you can't create a new topic in Development anyway without moderator approval, just link to this one in that particular thread which is monitored by the maintainers because otherwise it will get drowned out and lost in the coming hours.

The paper-icon-theme-git is an AUR git package. All you have to do to get an updated one, is rebuild/reinstall it.

It's also in the AUR under the same name but there is a package in the manjaro community repo that is a different slightly older version of the package maintained by Philip Mueller.

you can use the up to date AUR package but the package in the manjaro repo is still slightly broken and needs to be updated.

or removed :wink:

the package is there it just needs to be updated thats all :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

No update on this one?
Should we switch to the AUR version maybe?

Yes but the next issue is it's now conflicting with the AUR version, pacman is flagging it and thinking it needs to downgrade to the Manjaro package. A work around is black listing it on Pamac so it won't downgrade it but it isn't the best solution

What I eventually did was build from source.
It would be nice if we had an up-to-date package in the official repos, but until then, this will do the trick.

pacman and pamac are 2 different things. pacman wont force you to do anything. It might inform you you have a newer version than the repos. But thats it.

What I mean is in pamac which is a front end graphical application for pacman is conflicting with the AUR package claiming that it needs to downgrade to the manjaro package :stuck_out_tongue:

False. pamac is a standalone package manager that uses ALPM.
(like pacman, but it does not call pacman)

And this is the type of confusion I speak of...
For example do a basic pacman update:

sudo pacman -Syu

Show me where this forces anything ?

pamac != pacman

Ahh my bad, thank you for further educating me me about Pamac

For example do a basic pacman update:


[sudo] password for corey: 
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade...
warning: paper-icon-theme-git: local (832.aa3e8af7-1) is newer than community (746.04115106-1)
 there is nothing to do

This is what I mean, I am using the package from the AUR but it will come up with this message and would try and force a downgrade which is why I was marking the package not to upgrade in pacmac

But in pacman it isnt forcing a downgrade. it is simply notifying you.
If you added an extra 'u' it would allow it to downgrade:

sudo pacman -Syuu

pamac on the other hand works differently. because it is made for hand-holding. so it is doing its best to make sure you are doing things right. And it is technically correct, except for special circumstances. You are using packages form outside the repos. Breaking normal structure, and introducing third party software. At that point you are expected to be responsible for your own actions.

yes I know that but in pamac it would apply the downgrade with other packages when there is a update or come up in pamac to downgrade which is why I marked it not to upgrade, I showed the pacman output because you asked me to. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you dont like guard-rails then dont use pamac.

I love pamac but I am just reporting that it's conflicting with the AUR package, the only reason I am using the AUR package is because the package on the Manjaro repo is out of date and broken, the latest version on the git repo which the AUR package has fixed this. in the past it wasn't conflicting with the AUR package but now it is, that's all I am saying

No worries. I think I made you feel like I meant negativity when I did not. Sorry :slight_smile:

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