Parental Controls(malcontent) and Guest account setup.

I was wondering if Manjaro had any Parental Controls since I do have some friends who have childern or maybe someday I'll let a child use the internet on my system or laptop in the future...

Or for that matter if I allow a guest to use my laptop... Speaking of which, how do I setup a guest account?

Thanks in advance for any help I may get.

This should work for you since you are on XFCE

Probably this is relevant too

Then this is a must read for parental control part:

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Thank you so much!!! I don't know what I would do without you guys.

On another note, when I checked the User Accounts in the Manjaro Settings Manager, I have a User named "nobody". Why do I have this User, have I been hacked? Did I create a new user and forgotten that I did that?

You have not been hacked : nobody is one of the system users and groups. Leave it there.

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Thanks. Good thing I asked, I was really thinking deleting it... What would happen if I did?

No idea. Probably not much with that one ; I wouldn't risk it though. Messing with system users or groups is asking for problems.

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Well if it is supposed to be there... I'll leave it alone... Does anything actually need this user to be there?

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