Partition in which Manjaro is installed got corrupted

I dual booted Manjaro KDE and Windows 10 following this video. After installing i used Manjaro for a while then switched to Windows 10. Then i found that the partition in which i installed Manjaro got corrupted and i couldn't access it. I used chkdsk to fix it but now most of my files in that drive have disappeared. Is there any way to fix this? Why did it happen?
Is this the correct forum to post to? Or should i post in a Windows forum?

You are in the right place. :slight_smile:
Have a read trough this

You can use the live media you have at this point to fix the boot.

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Thanks for your help. But i'm not facing that problem. Both Manjaro and Windows are booting up properly. I used manual partitioning during install to make a new partition for Manjaro. But after install that partition got corrupted from which i made a new one.

Ok, it seems i missed this part about your corrupted Manjaro install and i thought you couldn't boot into it.

You actually used a Windows application for checking and fixing a Linux partition that was ext4 ? Bad call ... :slight_smile:

So, you wrote again, a new format and new files on that partition with a new install, and you hope to recover the old files? Not going to happen easily.

Do you mount ext4 in Windows with some utility and is the root aka / partition of the Manjaro install? If you do that, then is like looking for trouble ...

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I made new partitions from the D: drive of windows. And installed Manjaro on the new 100gb partition. But after launching windows the D: drive from which i made partitions for Manjaro was corrupted.

So i used chkdsk to fix it. It's not the partition in which Linux is installed. I made partitions for Linux from it.
I think i won't be able to get my files back. But can you tell me why it got corrupted?

Probably my fault as i didn't asked

How you tried to access it? From Windows?
Then we go back to

You see ... is a contradiction right there. If your windows was not broken, but the linux ...

From chkdsk ? :slight_smile: Are we serious right now ?

Something got bad on your end ...
But from now i'll step back from this conversation, and somebody else will take over.

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The safest way to manage windows drives is to use the windows utilities to shrink its partitions. The freed space can then be used freely. If you used linux to shrink the windows drive/partition, that is probably when the corruption started.

Are you saying that the shrunk windows drive (D:) had corruption?

Yes. The drive that I shrinked to make more partitions got corrupted. I did this from the Manjaro installer

I don't know that there is anything that can be done to fix the corruption, short of restoring the backup image of drive D: and starting over. Maybe a good windows forum could advise about recovery tools for windows drives.

Thanks for helping. I'll try some Windows recovery software

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